cung le vs t fryklund 2nite!

tonys a badass. if le can beat him and frank beats nyba?

will they fight?

Go Freak!

i am rooting for tony and phil

on now

im convinced now

cung le is a badass at mma

you dont get him down?

you are done!!!!!!

I fought him twice one in K-1 vegas & one in his home town. He's a Tough guy. You won't know until you get one of those kicks to your gut.  I broke his nose with a knee. & he finished me with a K.O. I have much respect for Cung now! Take Care &God Bless! Brian Warren

thank you for all these posts brian!!!!!

your welcomb!

People around the world unite to hate on fighters! When they have never even steped up or into any kind of danger! Keep your fingers strong & type away. Brian Warren

lol keep your fingers strong..