Cung Le X Melvin Manoef

would be pretty fuckin awesome imo.

hahaha @ melvin by flying anaconda choke,
I think in MMA its a great fight but I think
if it was san shou Le would just take his ass down.

i'd take melvin in that 1, but in a roid free environment, who knows...

i gotta see this fight

Manhoef by haymakers that will liquify Cungs head.

interesting fight!

Melvin would annihilate Cung standing.

There is a reason Cung never fought real K-1 rules fights against decent guys when K-1 had a contract with him.

Melvin by devastating highlight reel KO.

That is interesting. I know we have yet to see Cung's ground game but assuming he has one at all, he'd sub Melvin. His standup defence is slick enough in all liklihood to avoid the bum's rush and get the take down. Once that happens it's pretty much over imo.

Interesting matchup either way though.


melvin would win by sick knockout

If Frank was able to rock him what's Melvin gonna do. I say Melvin takes it by brutal uppercut ko, this is all considering that Melvin doesn't gas after 4 minutes.

Melvin takes that fight, too explosive for Le.

Melvin would destroy the Cung.