Cung Lee

Someone tell me about this guy.

I was there. I'm into MMA and know nothing about him.

SanShou.comKing of San Da: USA

He will not Fight Pete Spratt for some reason.

Cung Le is a San Shou style fighter. San Shou is simply no nonsense, no bull crap martial arts as was developed by the Chinese military. It includes kicks, punches, knees and takedowns/throws

Cung Le was one of the best amateurs in the world, having won three bronze medals in world championships. He has only lost three times, he lost to Ramazon Ramazonov who has beaten Emmanuel Ngoh, he has lost to Atajev Bazgit who went on to be undefeated in RINGS and fought in PRIDE. His third loss was a controversial DQ on an inside leg kick, he was ahead on all score cards when it happened.

As a pro, Cung has won Shidokan, Draka and fought in K-1. As a pro he's beaten top guys, despite the blind hate on this forum against him and San Shou

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Retard, with a name like that I'm not surprised really, but do you have ANY FACTS?

Pete Spratt is probably closer to 170 than to 185, Cung's weight. Spartt is closer to Rudi Ott's weight, and Rudi AGREED to fight him but got injured in training

Making shit about someone getting injured in training only shows you don't know jack about fight training.

well, if you idiots REALLY want to push the issue

I spoke to Pete Spratt by email regarding Cung Le "ducking him"... Mr Spartt is a class act, a top fighter, and I'm personally trying to get him involved in some San Da and Shootboxing stuff since I think so much of him ... but I really think he "thinks" Cung is "ducking him" based upon ONE TIME his manager tried to set up a match

Mr Spratt said he tried to get an opportunity to fight Cung at his BTF event for the IKF world title. That's the match by the way that Shonnie ended up in....

I know for a FACT that Cung's #1 choice for that match was Yousef Taghizadeh, I know that because I manage Yousef and I was the one contacted

Yousef is the three time national San Shou champion of Iran, former Daido Juku champion, and at the time Cung called me, Yousef had a SAN SHOU record of 89-0-1

To say Cung was looking for an easy fight for that match defies all those facts, but everyone here doesn't care for facts anyway, they are only interested in their own skewed world views

Cung and I didn't come to terms on money, travel and weight, mostly weight, as we had another big fight a few weeks before at a higher weight class and were not sure Yousef could drop to what Cung wanted so quickly afterwards

In came Shonnie,


Gator has brought the correct. His hands are poor, Shonie Carter was tagging him and outboxing him in their match. He got out struck by an 18 year old bazigit Atajev.

Gator man is so incorrect, he might as well marry the incorrect and let it do him in the butt....QUOTE "Cung Le has the stamina of a 3 round fighter"1998 Shidokan Team USA Champion Chicago, IL
2nd fight Cung Le vs. Laimon M. Keita 5th round tap out (foot lock)
3rd fight Cung Le vs. Arne Soldwedel 7th round KO right hook to head

2001 IKF Light Heavyweight World Champion San Jose, CA(Main Event) Cung Le vs. Shonnie Carter 5-0 UD2000 ISKA Light Heavyweight K-1 Super fight Champion Las Vegas, NV(Super Fight) Cung Le vs. Laimon M. Keita 5-0 UD ESPN2 ie that's FIVE FULL ROUNDS dude vs Shonnie, FIVE FULL ROUNDS vs. Keita More "fun" with QUOTES"hardly ever ko's anyone"2003 ISKA Light Heavyweight K-1 Super Fight Champion, Las Vegas, NV(Super Fight Headliner)
Cung Le vs. Scott Sheeley, 2nd TKO

2000 ISKA North American Light Heavyweight Champion San Jose, CA(Main Event)
Cung Le vs. Jeff Thornhill 3rd KO spinning back fist

2000 ISKA Light Cruzerweight title defense Champion San Jose, Ca(Main Event)
Cung Le vs. Mike Altman 3rd KO double round house kick to the head right leg (Strike Force ESPN2)

1999 Art of War Light Heavyweight Champion (China vs. USA) Honolulu, HI
Cung Le vs. Nashun Gerile (Mongolian King) 3rd TKO

1999 ISKA Light Heavyweight Sanshou Champion San Jose, CA
Cung Le vs. Scott Sheeley TKO (broken cheek bone)

1998 ISKA Light Cruzer weight Champion San Jose, CA
Cung Le vs. Dan Garett KO left kick to the body

1998 Draka Main Event Champion Los Angeles, Ca. (Pay-per-view)
Cung Le vs. Minaro Tauro 1st round KO head kick right leg

1998 Shidokan Team USA Champion Chicago, IL
1st fight Cung Le vs. Ben Harris 2nd round KO spin hook kick to head
3rd fight Cung Le vs. Arne Soldwedel 7th round KO right hook to head

9 KO's in 15 pro fights dude, ok, whatever you say

"Making shit about someone getting injured in training only shows you don't know jack about fight training. "

Where did that come from? Man I just said He won't fight Pete for some reason.

sorry Retard, I didn't mean you said that, but others on here did, they said he was "chiken" when the fact was he broke his arm in training and thus obviously couldn't do the fight

Cung looked great at K1 - his kicks were super fast and accurate and he has great cardio as well. NOT TO F*CKED WITH!

Because of weight, Spratt should fight Rudi. I think that Spratt will beat Rudi, and if he does, he can then try and get a fight with Cung, but of course he'll have to come up in weight. In my opinion, Spartt won't beat Cung

I've seen Cung Le fight...i don't know where some of you get it, but he's a bad of you "intelligent" types that say "yea well he's not a good MMA fighter" shit..he doesn't fight MMA..he does San Shou...throw in a few MMA guys under San shou rules..good luck

Cung is badass, And pete would have to watch out for throws, but I think it would be Cungs toughest fight.

If anybody needs to distract Davis Ross to break into his car or something, just bring up a Cung Le thread. Jeezus H. Christ.

if anyone wants to see blind hate and total lack of rational thinking, just watch "Linkage" post on any thread with Cung Le in it.....

lkfmdc - is there anywhere to train San Shou east of NY? live in CT and would like to give it a try. Do you have any affiliate instructors out here? If not, how far in to NY are you?

Remind me again when MMA got the support of a major world government? Or was the #3 rated show on the world's largest TV network? Or got Olympic recognition? Or was done in 89 nations?

wait, none of that ever happened!

but you have a nice day, and maybe post some more, at 76 posts, people might mistake you for a troll...