russia hacked me before I could write my article

This Giafonte dude BODYSLAMS a nerd and STILL WINS?


what are the chances that this Giafonte is NOT really Putin?


bear with me - a while back, there was a documentary called FACE OFF where homosexual lovers Mick Cage and Tom Travolta switched faces to avoid persecution by the Feds or something, which reminds of if Giafonte 100%

if this is Putin wearing Giacomes face to subvert our democracy, SOMEONE IS GONNA BE PISSED


(hint, that someone is the someone who wrote this article)

wrong forum asshole

JakeSweet -

wrong forum asshole

Let me tell you how you're feeling right now 

While we are waiting for the documents, I haveto say I have a theory about the lottery.


if you play every single number combo there is, how can you NOT win?


food for thought on how to get Rich