Curiosity on the 666


The only President elected in a zero year not to die in office. Only an instrument of satan could pull that off. I'm wondering if maybe he's not even dead now.

LOL!!! How many people in this world would match the "your name = 666" criteria? Millions, I suppose. It's just plain silly...

Indeed. Let's all try it out.

(Bah! Tried laying it out like on that site, but the line breaks kept messing up.)

Ibrahim = 1002
Suleiman = 1051
Amin = 1001

TOTAL = 3054

Do I get the high-score?

If it doesnt come from Frascisco Xavier, Im not buying it.

IBI is even more evil than the anti christ! we must purge the world of him! His number is too high!

you guys should chill.....


I've gone through this thread and deleted your messages and my responses.

This thread was very offensive to me and a number of people who emailed me about it.  You made ridiculous claims about Catholic beliefs, obfusicated issues, and caused those who should know better (former "Catholics") to be influenced by this.

Apparently none of our fearless leaders on this forum think there is anything offensive about likening the Pope to the anti-Christ, but I do, and I did something about it.

If you have a problem with this, i suggest you take it up with Sherm, Scrapper or Martial_Shadow.

Let's get the poor Pope off the hook.  Let A=6, B=12, C=18, etc., and it's very obvious that KISSINGER = 666.

(I wish I would have browsed this thread before the deletions.  Did you say something about that inscription supposedly found on one of the Pope's jeweled crowns, Donna?) 

Now, what means "obfusicated"???

StKolbe, you can denie as much as you want, but there were very evil popes in the past. Ok, you want to erase the History books, I know... But you have not such "moderator" powers. :-)

I apologize for the other catholics on this forum.

You need to learn the history of your church, so you don´t allow it to repeat the same mistakes of the past.

Jesus didn´t have a place to rest his head.


It is all about converting the formal titles that the Pope has in Latim, exchanging the roman numbers into arabic numbers, sum them, and find the number 666.

Very easy Google search, indeed.

Now, what means "obfusicated"???

When you obfuscate something, it means you make it hard to see clearly.

StKolbe, you can denie as much as you want, but there were very evil popes in the past.

What does that have to do with the current Pope?

Good question, IBI. Perhaps it is related with the fact that the Apocalypse says that the beast could say blasphemies for 42 months, adding that its number was the 666 (Apoc. XIII, 5 and 18). Examining the importance of the symbols at that time we can take each month as being of 30 years, instead of 30 days, getting, in this way, a period of 1260 years, exactly the period understood between 610 and 1870, of our age, when the Pontifficate was consolidated, after its sprouting, with emperor Focas, in 607, and the decree of Pious IX of the papal infalibilidade, in 1870. Nowadays we see the decay of authority of the Vatican, in face of the scientific, philosophical and religious evolution of the Humanity.









Nice copy and paste job Donna.  Your English is not nearly good enough to write something like that.

Mind giving us your source for that?


That he is.

5 1 100 a r 1 5 s
f 1 50 1 1
500 e 1

That he is. Or at least used to be.

No, StKolbe, my sources are secret. ;-)

666= Nero

case closed


case re-opened

That´s cool, RisingSun.

I´ve heard once a friend talking about thoughts: they are like birds, that fly and sometimes they land over your head. You allow them to stay or not. So be smart, and accept only the good thoughts.

Pastor I'm trying to get where your coming from with 661. I know the net isnt the end all be all but when I do a google search on 661 nero I get a bunch of hits on sites for audio converters. But when I do a search for Nero 666 they all say this was the proper translation. But I first heard it either on a discovery or history channel program. Perhaps you have some documentation that would help shed light on this matter?

Google 616 Nero and you will be enlightened.

ty Duck I'll look into it