Curran, Guida, Ray win at XFO 6

Complete results...

Justin Hutter def. Terry Davinney, :55, armbar.

Robert Hitte def. Mike Fouke, 2:10, ref stoppage due to strikes.

Reese Shaner def. Chris Halbauch, 2:07, rear choke.

Darby Haanpaa def. Zach Kidd, 2:03 Rd. 3 (8:03), rear choke.

John Hosman def. Omar Choudhury, 1:47 Rd. 2 (4:47), ref stoppage due to strikes.

Mike Pegg def. Ali Lewis, 2:00, tap from strikes.

Vito Woods def. Jason bender, :43, ref stoppage due to strikes.

Nate Mohr def. Tyler Combs, 2:58, guillotine.

John Friedland def. Scott Bickerstaff, :55, tap from injury (foot).

Red Schafer def. Jason Guida, 3:49, triangle choke.

Jay Estrada def. Brandon Adamson, unanimous decision (15:00).

Ryan McGivern def. Mike Todorovic, 4:45, keylock.

Gabe Lemley def. Chris Malgeri, 1:10, ref stoppage, TKO from strikes.

Gideon ray def. Dennis reed, 3:11, tko from knee.

Clay Guida def. Bart Palaszewski, unanimous decision (15:00)... Guida is new XFO lightweight champion.

Jeff Curran def. Steve Kinnison, 1:47 Rd. 3 (11:47), rear choke.

awesome news.

thank you for the results

thanks for results, and shouldnt you be out partying after your show, lol

forgot to tell you to contact braulio about me fighting on your next show, eric

What about Rory's fight?

No, Rory did not get to fight, defidently got no showed. I think it was like the 4th opponent that ended up backing out, for whatever reason. I just felt bad for Rory, he wanted to fight bad last night and would of put on a great display.

TTT for Ryan McGivern winning in round one..


bart should have won, but uneducated judges don't understand that being on the bottom isn't a bad thing. guida did nothing when he was on top and bart went for many submission attempts. when standing bart won. but i guess when u leave it up to the judges that is what can happen.


Ryan McGivern def. Mike Todorovic, 4:45, keylock.

I was told that was a armbar... then I was told it was a choke lol... now its keylock... but Im gonna go with monte and say keylock =P

Guida called out both Bart and Jay Estrada, he just beat Bart so I guess his next big fight will be against Jay.

Glad to see that he won and I believe with this win it brings a lot more interest to the 155lbs title locally than if he would have lost.

Great JOb

DMIFightGuy, McGivern actually showed me exactly what happened (he actually demonstrated on my arm) he was working the kimura from I beleive the side mount and he basically straightened the arm from that, like a side-armbar type thing...

sYKOaKtive, McGivern is going places for sure.


double post


Nate Mohr def. Tyler Combs, 2:58, guillotine.

what all happened in this fight?

sorry if a double post

Nate Mohr looked really good standing and slapped on the standing guillotine.



how did the tyler combs kid look?
was he outclassed or did he gas?

this was an ameture fight right?

thanks for helpin me out with this

I was kinda busy but I did catch this fight watching from a far, both dudes looked pretty good standing, this was one of the more exiciting fights of the night. If Tyler just held on 2 more seconds for the bell he would of lasted to the second round.

I dont know if that really would of made a difference in the outcome, Nate looked pretty sharp.

Thats all I got for ya buddy



thanks a lot for the news.
tyler fights in our ICE fights in cincinnati.
just curious how he handled himself.

thanks again

no problemo