Curran vs. Jorgensen booked for October

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                                Curran vs. Jorgensen booked for October

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Jeff Curran is back in the UFC, but his first fight won’t be an easy one.

The newly signed bantamweight will face former title contender Scott Jorgensen at UFC 137: St-Pierre vs. Diaz in October, according to sources.

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Yeeaaah Jeff! Phone Post

 Yikes, right into the fire with the 1st fight. Big Jorgensen fan so this is a bummer to hear, but I suppose I like exciting fights more so this sounds awesome

I'll take Jeff.

 Tough first fight back. But I'll take Curran...should be entertaining

 I'm just glad Jeff is back in the UFC. Haven't met a nicer guy and he's done so much for MMA in Illinois.

Will be a tough fight for sure but one that he is capable of winning.

Welcome back to the UFC Jeff!

Tough tough fight against Jorgensen, but should be a fun one.

WAR Curran.

War Jorgensen!

TTT for Jeff.

Get ready for FB Prelims fuuuuuuuuuu Phone Post

I like Jeff, but thats a BAD matchup for him decision wise