Current fighter and obscure styles

Back in the day you would have guys with "Exotic" styles but what about now Are their any fighters with backrounds in Savate,Sanshou,koyokushin,hapkido etc?

What is Crocops background in? He does not kick with his shin like muay thai fighters.

The list is long. Here are a few current and retired names in MMA and kickboxing.

Bas Rutten (UFC, Pancrase, MMA) Former kyokushin fighter.

Assuerio Silva (UFC, MMA) Current Seiwakai member (a kyokushin offshoot.

Sam Greco (K-1, MMA), Former kyokushin fighter, then Seidokaikan Branchchief.

Gerard Gordeau (no2 in UFC1, and early k-1), First IKO kyokushin, then World Oyama karate, now Bluming´s "Kyokushin Budo kai" (misslabeled as "Savate" in ufc 1).

Georges St. Pierre (ufc MMA) Kyokushin+BJJ

Leonard Wilson (MMA, rage in the cage) kyokushin, enshin karate

Masaaki Satake (K-1, Pride) Seidokaikan karate (la
ter independent kickboxing)

Taiei Kin (kickboxing & muaythai), Seidokaikan (and ONLY seidokaikan).

Peter Graham (K-1, kickboxing), until recently kyokushin (Midori Group) member.

Andy Hug RIP first IKO kyokushin, then seidokaikan.

Semmy Schilt (K-1, pancrase), First Ashihara karate ("Ashihara international" not "NIKO")), recently seidokaikan.

Francisco Filho (K-1), Kyokushin (Matsui group).

Glaube Feitosa (K-1), Kyokushin (Matsui group).

Nicholas Pettas (K-1), formerly Kyokushin (Matsui group) now independent dojo.

Jadamba Narantungalag (k-1 Max), Kyokushin (Matsui group).

Peter Smit RIP former IKO kyokushin later independent kickboxer. Champion in thaiboxing.

Akio "Musashi" Mori (k-1), Seidokaikan.

Ryuta Noji (K-1, MMA) Kyokushin.

Nobuaki Kakuda (K-1) former kyokushin, now seidokaikan.

Michael Thompson (k-1) Former Kyokushin, now seidokaikan.

Moisés Batista de Souza (kickboxing, thaiboxing) Seiwakai karate.

Adam Watt (early k-1), Seidokaikan.

Petar Majstorovic (k-1, kickboxing) Seidokaikan.

Tatsuya Iwasaki (pride-not very successfull), kyokushin (matsui group)

Minoki Ichihara (early ufc) Daidojuku.

Alexander Pitchkounov (k-1) Kyokushin.

Kazuya Yasuhiro (k-1) SeidoKaikan

Alex Gong RIP SeidoKaikan

Naoyuki Taira (K1, ShootBoxing, Brazil Open Vale Tudo, RINGS) DaidoJuku

Chris Dolman (RINGS) Bluming Kyokushin

Peter Angerer (Cage warriors) Shidokan karate

Shonie Carter (UFC, PANCRASE) ShidoKan

Tariel Bitsadze (RINGS) Kyokushin

Ameran Bitsadze (RINGS) Kyokushin

Hideki Ogawa (WARS) DaiDo Juku karate

Susumu Yamasaki (Lumax Cup, WARS, PANCRASE)DaiDo Juku karate

Yoshinori Momose (PANCRASE, DEEP) ZenDoKai karate (the japanese, not the australian organisation with that name)

Misaki Takimoto (Smack Gir, Love Impact, PANCRASE, G-Shooto) ZenDoKai karate (japanese version)

Tsoyoshi Ozawa (PANCRASE) ZenDoKai karate (japanese version again)

Chuck Lidell (UFC, MMA), American Kempo.

Ryoto "Lyoto" Machida (k-1 MMA) Shotokan karate

Crocop comes out of a karate background, although I dont know the details. He was mostly into the karate/kickboxing side, never into the trad karate.

Genki Sudo crosstrains kyokushin, but more for the fun than because he needs the training.


Cung Le is the Sanshou/sanda man in MMA now. He have a rep for not fighting top guys in kickboxing, and his entry into MMA a few weeks ago was not against a top MMA fighter, but I guess we will see how he handles himself against top names sooner or later.

I am supprised that not more sanda /sanshou and savate fighters turn up in major kickboxing events. But I sort of suspect that organisation poitics plays a big part in that.

Kolsyrade , one correction I noticed.... Chuck Liddell does not do American Kenpo. American Kenpo is the Ed Parker lineage, Chuck Liddell is from John Hackelmans Hawaiian Kempo school, which is out of the William Chow--->Adriano Emperado lineage.

tjimtch, kenpo nerd.

Jean Silva - BJJ & Capoeira

Bazigit Atajev

thanks for the correction tjmitch
I must admit I am primarily a knockdown karate (kyokushin, seidokaikan, shidokan, enshin, daido juku, ashihara etc etc) and japanese trad karate (goju, shotokan etc etc) fan.
To me, any american kempo (american in the sense that it was founded in the US, and not in japan or okinawa) variation are the same as the next one. I have a hard time keeping them apart.

BTW Diego stole.....
Bazigit Atajev is a Sambo fighter right?

Atajev is a San Shou/San Da fighter.

Joe Son: JoeSonDo I'll never forget that as long as I live. A 5'4" 240lb guy with his own form of martial arts.

how the hell did some of those guys die? Well I know about Hug, but how did the others?

Alex Gong was killed only a few blocks from my office - someone saw his car being jacked, he ran out there and caught up to the guy in traffic.

Unfortunately for Gong, the carjacker then shot him dead. RIP Alex!

Peter Smit tried to intervene in a verbal argument between a friend and a unknown man in the street. He was shot 5 times. His killer is serving life in prison.
Smit died 15/08 2005.