Current Living Legends

Let us make a list

I will start with:

Warren Buffett

Ali, Tyson Phone Post 3.0

President Obama....first African American President......historic

Rickson Gracie

Clint fucking Eastwood Phone Post 3.0

Monday, after my Grandmothers funeral, I had the pleasure of having lunch with Col. Joseph Kittinger. A real fucking living legend!

If you are familiar with the Felix Baumgartner/Red Bull space jump from a balloon, you need to look up Col. Kittinger's Wikipedia page. He's the Original Real Deal.


Jack NicholsonSean Connery Phone Post

Bill Gates



De Niro Phone Post 3.0

Dalai Lama


Robert Montgomery Knight

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Paul and Ringo
monica lewinsky

Dan Gable

Hocky Balboa Phone Post 3.0

Another list :( Phone Post 3.0

Rouseys mole -
karasu - President Obama....first African American President......historic
How is he African American if he is the Messiah? Phone Post 3.0
Hmm and raised by white grandparents after his mother abandoned then Phone Post 3.0

Stan Lee