Current UFC Champions

First off, I'm actually a fan of all the current UFC champs with the exception of Anderson Silva. What I'm saying is from what I gather to be popular opinions of the fanbase.

I was looking at the UFC website today and their current Champion page. What I noticed was if you look at every champions last fight, they are all decisions and all have issue with fans for the last performance. Brock Lesnar is the exception of this rule.

Edgar - Fought to decision with BJ Penn: Many fans thought BJ won. Many thought neither fighter did much.

GSP - Fought to decision with Hardy: Fans thought he fought safe. Fans not happy with his performance. 

Silva - Fought to decision with Maia: Fans very upset over his conduct and spirit. Not impressed with his Championship rounds. 

Machida - Fought to decision with Shogun. Fans disagree with decision and not please with performance.

Brock Lesnar - Beat up Mir. Fans had great issue with his post fight sportsmanship/antics. 

I suppose the reason for this post to to show and overview and to ask if you guys think this is something problematic for the UFC. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? Will these guys start performing and acting in a favorable way? Or, will some be replaced by new champions who will fill the roll of UFC Champion in a better manner?

Don't worry, Carwin is going to break that streak once he beats Lesnar. Everyone loves Frate Shane.