Current wrestlers trained by .....

shooters or hookers. Everyone knows about Benoit and Jericho training under Stu Hart. But I was wondering if there are any more wrestlers out there in the WWE who've been trained by real catch as catch can old school wrestlers. Guys that could use their moves in real life situations?

HHH was trained by Killer Kowalski, I think he was considered a hooker (I could be wrong).

This might sound funny but Molly Holly was trained by Dean Malenko and Boris Malenko was a shooter, so I'm sure Molly could take care of herself!

Other than that, I'm not sure, maybe someone else can shed some more light on this.

Lance Storm.
RVD was trained by the Original Sheik,I don't know about the Sheik's out-of-ring history,but but he was one of those back in the day badasses.
Which I guess you could call a shooter.

I know you said WWE, but Chono and others in Japan were trained by Thesz, Robinson, and Gotch.

I was trained buy Madame Xaviera, the original happy hooker.

STeve Regal aka Darren Matthews iz da BADDEST of them all hands down!!

Regal is a legit tough guy. Here's an interesting article on how he got his start:

Regal started his pro wrestling career at Pleasure Beach, which features wrestling regularly during the summer. First, at the tender age of 15, Regal answered the Pleasure Beach wrestling troupe's open challenge several times. Any spectator stupid, er, brave enough to challenge the troupe's wrestler of choice could earn a hundred pounds sterling by either knocking out his foe or lasting three three-minute rounds.

The chances of doing either were, and are, slim and none. Regal learned that lesson as a challenger. He taught it as a wrestler. He battled challengers out of the crowd at Pleasure Beach until just before coming to WCW in 1993.

"You know, I just went to the park yesterday," said Regal, calling from England while touring with his World TV Title. "It was just like it was. A row of wrestlers standing at the park entrance, and a guy with a microphone making the challenge. Well, when I was 15 I thought I knew the professional wrestling business. I didn't. In fact, I'm still learning.

"So I went to the promoter, Bobby Baron, and said, 'I'd like to challenge that man there.'"

That man was 6-foot-6 Col. Sean Brady.

"He'd been in the military, so that was his gimmick. He had a bald, shaved head and a handlebar mustache, and he wore a beret. He was a lean man, but he was very tall.

"So I'm sitting there, waiting to wrestle, and my nerves were completely shot. You'd get some plants, but you'd get some straight guys, too, and you'd really have to fight. I was a straight, but I'm sure Brady looked at me and thought, no problem. I was this chubby 15-year-old that had no idea.

"So he beat me half to death. He just slapped me about and put me away with a half-Boston Crab submission job. I can laugh about it now, but back then...My grandfather, Bill Matthews, was a pro wrestler, and had half clued me up. But he hadn't bothered to clue Col. Brady up. So I went home with my tail between my legs."

But Regal came back. He kept getting his butt whipped, but one day Bobby Baron said, "You really want to be a wrestler, don't you?" And before long, Regal had joined the troupe.

"After three months, I was on the inside," Regal said. "I had some matches with some lightweight guys and, by the way, I hate the lack of respect shown lightweight wrestlers. As Rey Mysterio JR. is proving, performance matters, not size."

For the full article, go here:

thanks Candy good article . I would LOVE to train with him!! thats one guy that knows wrestling.. my 2nd choice would be Malenko .

by the way what is the update on his health if any in the know on this ? :)