Curt Menefee is SLICK

 Best MMA announcer we've had so far.....

kurt is coming off like a bumbling fool.

I feel like he is "off" tonight.

I think he doing alot better job than Jay Glazer who the suppose MMA buff, i would like to see Terry Bradshaw do the hosting would be hilarious!

 Terry Bradshaw would be awesome. Think he would do it?

I hate Jay Glazer, anybody is better than him.

There should be no cross pollination with general sports casters to MMA, they just don't have the general knowledge to speak intelligently about it. The more they stumble the worse the UFC looks to casual fans.

Espn uses Sal Masakela for a reason during the X games.. he comes off professional and knowledgeable.

ABE FROMAN -  Terry Bradshaw would be awesome. Think he would do it?

Alright Abe, what the hell are you smoking tonight? I say this as a huge Steelers fan.

 Curt Menefee is extremely comfortable, a great choice as the announcer for these broadcasts. He adds an air of professionalism that has been lacking in previous iterations of the UFC productions, changes it from the aggro-white angst vibe that the UFC likes to present. The FOX music is also better than the teen hair metal crap that they usually use.

Ya I think he great. He comes across like he has been watching for years, even though that probably isn't the case.

Get Gus Johnson in there ASAP Phone Post

Curt sounds like he did his homework, he's coming off sounding very natural!