Cus quotes from HBO's TYSON

I finally was able to watch the HBO Original Movie, TYSON, starring George C. Scott as Cus D'Amato and Michael Jai White as Mike Tyson. I've only watched the first 30 minutes or so for now.Below are some Cus quotes from this movie:

  • Tyson is driving the car with Cus in it and Cus gives directions back to Camille Ewald's house in the Catskills. "Don't worry about being scared going into a fight. It's when you ain't scared that's the time to worry. Fear is the friend of every good and reasonable athlete."
  • Tyson is in bed trying to sleep. Cus opens the door. "What is the difference between a hero and a coward? There ain't no difference. Inside they're both exactly alike. They're both scared of dying or getting hurt. It's what the hero does that makes him a hero. What the other guy doesn't do makes him a coward."
  • Tyson does roadwork, works on the speedbag, does crunches with Teddy Atlas, and skips rope. There is a voiceover of Cus. "When two men step into the ring, one and only one deserves to win. When you step into the ring, you gotta know you deserve to win. You gotta know destiny owes you victory 'cos you trained harder than your opponent. You sparred harder. You ran farther.
  • Tyson works the heavy bag as Cus observes from above."Always keep your chin tucked down into your chest. I don't care if you are running roadwork or just walking around school or watching T.V. Keep that chin tucked down. And your eyes looking up and out."
  • Cus and Tyson watch fight films."One word describes Rocky Marciano. Tenacity. Only one hundred eighty seven pounds but to this day he remains the only undefeated heavyweight champion. How? Because he would not imagine he could lose. He would not even allow the concept of defeat to enter his mind."
  • Tyson sparring as Cus observes."Don't watch the glove; watch the chest. Wait for the glove to move, you're dead. When the chest flexes, you bob."
  • Cus and Tyson watch fight films."Joe Louis may have been quiet on the outside, but on the inside – pure rage. He was a Negro in a white man's world and he hates it. Up and down the street, twenty four hours a day."
  • Tyson works the slip bag with Cus."Stay in constant motion. The head ain't never again where he last seen it. See, you give him a target here and by the time he swings, it ain't there anymore. But when he moves, counter. Hap! Fire to the ribs, huh. Hap! Bap! Four-one, upstairs."
  • Tyson shadowboxing and also working on the slip bag."You don't get hit, you don't lose. It's as simple as that. Once you learn to stay low and tuck behind your gloves, in constant motion, no one is gonna be able to land nothing."
  • Tyson in bed. Cus opens the door. Scene shifts to Cus and Tyson watching fight films."Lies and deceit. Subterfuge. That's what we deal in. Don't ever let anyone know your real intentions. Champion fighters, champion liars. Best in the world."
  • Tyson got back from his mother's funeral. He is on a ladder and finished putting up a birdcage outside Camille's house. Cus crosses the street and approaches Tyson. Cus: "Mike, do you know what a professional is?" Tyson: "Someone gets paid to..." Cus: "It has nothing to do with money. A professional is a guy who performs no matter what he's feeling inside. You understand me? No matter what."

Great quotes. If I remember correctly, that "hero and the coward" bit was even ripped off by Stallone for use in one of the Rocky movies.

thank you!

great quotes, I also like when he's running around looking for ice cream.

ttt for Cus. What would Tyson's LIFE (nevermind
his career) if Cus had lived longer?

Actually I just watched the Grant/McCline fight the other day, and before the fight they had a segment showing Teddy Atlas training Grant, and one of the things he kept saying to Grant was something like "Be a real pro" Probably some influence from being around Cus. That was in the first 4 weeks Atlas was training Grant though, so it probably didn't make much difference for the McCline fight.

When Klishcko steps in the ring with Lennox, Germany will hold the belt. Watch and see, the guys a fucking machine. Mark my words.

Speaking of words, I'll coin an intelligent phrase.

"100,000 on Klishcko"

You can bet on him. No one is stopping you :)

Oddly enough, Tyson was never as mentally tough as someone like Holyfield. Holyfield is such a rare fighter because very few boxers have ever had his mental toughness and will to win.

Can you believe Tyson abandoned this
environment when Cus died. I don't by that
Jacobs, Atlas/Rooney/Torres and Cayton were not
looking after him in the manner Cus and company
planned prior to his death. Of the three, Cayton is
the only one who looked a little shady. But then,
don't all the big money men look suspect?

How would history be different if Mike stayed with
the original Team Tyson?

Ron den otter,

Within the heavyweight division I would have to
agree that Holyfield has unbelievable mental
toughness. Clearly he is tops. I don't see anyone
else who is close. Believe it or not, right now, I'd
have to say Ruiz is as good as anyone else after
Holyfield in the mental toughness department.

Great quotes.
Do you know who provided the Cus quotes for the film?
I mean are they direct Cus quotes?

Another great Cus quote

"Who ate my Ice Cream!!"

DAT, what has always amazed me about Holyfield is that he never has an ounce of self-doubt. He never seems to get discouraged even when he is losing badly.


the HBO movie TYSON was based on jose torres' book FIRE AND FEAR (i think that's the title). i've not read the book yet.

i;m also watching FALLEN CHAMP: THE UNTOLD STORY OF MIKE TYSON. this one is great as it has footage of Cus and young tyson. i remember from reading that there was a filmmaker which Cus allowed to film him and tyson et al, i forget the name but it was some name like Merlin Marlow (some MM name), but do not know if the footage was ever shown. this one probably has the MM-shot footage.

What about more recent Tyson quotes? There's a link
from to the CNN archives, in which you can
see and hear Tyson tell a reporter that he's going to
"f*** you 'til you love me"!!!


MM=Machine May?

i thought this was the boxing forum and not the OG :-)

MM = merlin marlow or some variation of M.M.


you da man bro'!

last night, i checked phil berger's BLOOD SEASON. it's michael marton. in 1982, marton, a filmmaker asked cus if he could film him. cus being the paranoid character he was, asked marton if he belonged to an organization. marton says he's independent. cus gives him permission saying something like being in an organization is not good, i forget the exact wording.


no, no, u da man! :-)

If any of you guys want to buy a good book on Tyson, or just want to read a good article on Cus there is one in the book "Iron Mike" which is a collection of articles about Tyson.


does it have good insights into cus and his philosophy?