Customer Service Issue and Question

I bought some wheels off a company 2 weeks ago.  I need them no later then the 22nd. 


About 4 days after the order they told me my wheels were delayed at the production facility and would take another 8-10 weeks to be ready. I explained to them I needed them by the 22nd and that won't work.  They offered me 3 alternatives.  Though none were what I really wanted, I found an acceptable replacement.


I told them that the replacement would be fine, as long as I got them by the 22nd.  They assured me that would not be a problem.  I just got my shipment notification and it says the estimated delivery time is the 27th.  UGGGGGG




On the principle I want to just say fuck it and cancel them.  But then I have to find others somewhere else and won't get them in time either way.






I have no idea.

What are you buying wheels for and why do you need them by that date?

On principal I would cancel Phone Post 3.0

Tough call if you need em. Phone Post 3.0