Customer wants me to knock out 19 yo daughter

What do OG?

I did some bag work at the gym for a couple that moved here from Minnesota. They really like me, and immediately wanted me to meet their daughter. I look really small, but I'm benching 390 now. They were shocked but last night they invited me over for a drink and she was there.

I was setup to bang bros!!!! By the parents.

Basically this is why. They have another daughter that's on her 3rd or 4th kid. All different dads. They are terrified this one may end up the same. Seeing that im a good fighter, IRL, and hardworking, they are basically courting me for this task. Knock this bitch's teeth out and give her some Irish sunglasses, so no guy will impregnate her.

Do it faggot?



I literally read the thread title.

True story. I read it.


Knock that bitch out, dude!


Ban all spins.