cut help

last saturday i was boxing in a show and was headbutted. not sure if it was accidental or not. but anyway i had 9 stiches under my eye and another one inside the cut. the outside ones were pulled the friday after the fight and it all looks really good at this point. does anyone know of anything to help the area heal faster/ stronger before the golden gloves tourney thats the second weekend of april. any help appreciated.


Vitamin E will help it heal alot faster too.

Go with Neosporin. It decreases wound healing time by providing a moist environment for the cells to move across and heal. Vitamin E does the same, however it hasnt been studied like Neosporin. You can get any generic form of neosporin. If you are noticing with the neosporin that the wound is becoming more red, you may have an allergy and should switch immediately to bacitracin. Ointment is better than cream because it keeps the wound moist for longer periods of time.
No matter what you do, there is still a possibility that it comes open if you get struck after only 4 weeks. Good luck.

i know theres a chance it could open again, especially that soon, but i dont want to wait till next year. thanks for the info...


I was hit in the face with a 2 X 4 the first week of February, got 9 stitches above my left eye. The cut went through the connective tissue and I had two stitches inside, 7 outside. I had them removd the second week of February and fought in FFC 8 MArch 5th. That is about a month after the cut, and 3 weeks after the stitches were removed.

I had 0 contact for 2 weeks, and then did some moderate NHB sparring for 1 week beofre my fight. The cut felt fine for the most part after 3 weeks. I would have put it at about 75% strength. Now it is fine about 90% 6-7 weeks later.

I think you are close to around the same time frame as I in your healing with respect to your fight. I didnt do anything extra to help it heal.