Cut the Crap Zuffa, and Sign Pele

What the hell are you guys waiting on?

Bring Pele "the Legend" Landy to the UFC!

Well, if they bring in Pele, they'd better bring in
Matsui also or the 30 other guys who have beaten him

Sorry guys...I know Pele is a wild and crazy
dude...but he sucks as a fighter

I wouldn't say he sucks, but he's not as good as everyone makes him out to be.

my thread of last year called....

Eric is the man

What..."sucks as a fighter". I would hate to see youre definition of a fighter! Pele comes to fight not lay on top of somebody.

Yeah he sucks. thats why he beat Militech and hughes. He also had Newton but made a tatical error. He should have finshed him with Strikes instead of goin for that take down.

Pele has some losses but proper match makeing with him would yield some of the most action packed fights the UFC could put on. He would be a great addition to there shallow 185 class.