Cut Throat Fight Gear Is Awesome!

At NAGA Chicago, I wore a Cut Throat Fight Gear Rash Guard that was just unbelievable. It did not ride-up like other rash guards, it was very breathable, I thought the sleeves were perfect they are mid-sleeved and and they stay put as to long-sleeved where everyone grabs and pulls on them and ride everywhere. To top it off they also look so damn cool. It's honestly the best rashguard I have ever worn!!!

Check out the website


not much on their website.

TTT for Cut throat. JP

ttt for!


I hope these guys do well


Their logo is cool. I've had enough of rabid pitbulls
and muscle bound fighter logos already.

The new Cut Throat rash guards are fantastic. It is the best rash guard I have ever worn, I definitely suggest anyone looking for some fight gear to check Cut Throat out.

Mike is very nice if you need something he will get it for you!!

where is this rash guard... i looked on the site but did not see it...

they have great stuff! the girl working the table was

tai otoshi, great job bro!

the pics of the rashguards will be up later tonight. I have to agree that these are sweet!

That is mikes wife

Oooh, I like that shirt.


thanks for the props, we literally got them in a day before the actual event. We should have them up a little later tonight We have some sick ass board shorts comming out in a month as well (crosses fingers).

how much will the rash guards be? i am looking for something that is good quality at a good price

Cut Throat is my Premier sponsor for "Courage Fighting championships" and will be at the show July 24th in Decatur Illinois! For tickets call 217-429-2269 or email Come see Pat Miletich's up and coming fighters make their pro debut! I have 7 MFS fighters on the card.

Do the fighters with the "Death before Deafeat" shirts tap to chokes?

The devil chick looks like she has a nice body.