Cuts and bruises

Every now and then, I get cuts and bruises on my arms and legs. Mostly on my hands, though. I just live with it, tough it out and continue training but some other people, like my students, might not feel the same. In particular, it's not appealing to some people if several people are bleeding all over the mat.

In general, how do you deal with cuts on your body? For example, what's best to do to prevent bleeding on the mat? Taping it, I would guess? Any other tips?

Well I used to get bruises on my arms and legs all the time for the first halfyear. But somehow I don't anymore. I do not get cut though nowhere else than my mouth or maybe other face area... how do you?


Getting cuts is not your fault, I would expect it's from other people not cutting their nails and keeping a high level of hygiene. Look at what's causing the cuts.


If I have a cut then before practice I try to put some liquid bandaid on it.  It helps it to not open up while rolling.  If you get a cut while rolling it's kind of hard to do anything about it until it clots.  If it's not that bad I try to wipe it off and finish training.  If you can tape it then try to do that. 

I've got tape and some kind of spray on Nu-Skin.