Cuts / Thin skin HELP!

Although I am a fighter, I dont have much problem with cuts or thin skin. I do however have a fighter that has the thinest skin I have ever seen and he cuts to the slightest blow to his face.

He eats normal (sometimes bad) food, but his skin is tissue thin.

Can anyone advice as to what or where, he can get somthing, like an ointment, to rub into his skin to make it tougher?

Are there any other suggestions? (serious suggestions and dont say put me on his eyebrows)lol

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Thanks Redzilla, I did not know there was a health section.

call me dumb, but where is it... I've looked.

"moistureizing lotion will help if applied everyday"

Surely that will soften the skin, not toughen it up?

Good question. Guy who trains here some has the same

Obviously greasing the entire face before he fights is a must.

Old time fighters used to soak their hands in beef brine, and
other concoctions, and apply it to their faces as well. Last guy
I heard of who did that was Joe Frazier. I have no direct
knowledge that it works though?

Jack Dempsey used to soak his face in brine from the butcher shop to give it the consistency of leather.  seriously.

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"They'll have your guy soaking his face in brine, coffee beans and dog shit."

lol, I think he would wash his face in dog shit if he thought it would work.

i will ask my friend who is a barber. old school barber. there is something out there, like an ointment that toughens the skin. it's basically to prevent cuts, nicks, bumps, when shaving the face... i'll ask him about it, and pass on the email address.

I don’t cut because Im a grease ball Italian and have oily skin, but I have heard of boxers using cocoa butter on there faces prior to a fight to help with elasticity.

Rich that post is classic man.

coco butter


"moistureizing lotion will help if applied everyday"

"Surely that will soften the skin, not toughen it up?"


Coconut oil , a very rich emollient used to smooth and protect the skin in all seasons.   Coconut oil will not only bring temporary relief to the skin, but it will aid in healing and repairing.  It will have lasting benefits, unlike most lotions.  It can help bring back a youthful appearance.  The coconut oil will aid in removing the outer layer of dead skin cells, making the skin smoother. The skin will become more evenly textured with a healthy "shine".  While doing this the coconut oil will penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and strengthen the underlying tissues.

Vitamin A may strengthen skin tissue.

Ronald Mcdojo is correct. Dairy products do help thick'n the skin. Lotion will improve the strength in your skin. I use to be a gymnast and swing'n bars along with rings, and even pummels will tear up your hands especially if they were dry. That is why I shower the night before a fight, and lotion up, instead of showering the morning of. I don't have a problem with cuts either. I have extra oily skin as well.

Yeah us Italians don't have that problem!

I have an old book on boxing and they actually recommend the beef brine..

I think skin naturally thickens as it receives slight friction over time. Look at your feet. Try walking around without shoes for a few weeks. See how your feet react. The skin will thicken.

So, have him rub his face every night, religiously. Do that until the skin gets puffy. Don't break the skin. I think the skin will naturally thicken in those areas as a reaction to being irritated over and over.

Lotion will help also. Moisture is your friend. Water in general is great for keeping your skin healthy. Your skin may feel soft, but it will be more pliable and thicker. Don't overdo the lotion. Just a thin layer after showers.

Of course, these are all my personal opinions. Talking to a dermatologist would help. However, just because they are a dermatologist does not mean they would automatically know how to thicken someone's skin for fighting. I doubt they ever get such requests. Also, most doctors won't admit when they don't know something related to their speciality.

Rapid dehyradtion followed by rapid rehydration will make it easier for
you to cut

i read about one old school boxing method was rubbing pickle juice or it might have been pickle brine on his face. it was also mentioned before a gatti fight, that they used this to help toughen his skin.

Also, getting some sun I think helps to thicken the skin naturally. For the same reason as I mentioned above with conditioning the skin (like with the bottom of your feet). Just don't burn and make sure to use lots of lotion and drink plenty of water.

I remember the former IBO light-welter boxing champion Billy Schwer had tons of trouble with cuts. His face would often be a bloody mess which set him back a few times

I remember seeing an interview/preview on one of his fights when it wasmentioned that the cuts was due to his diet and he went to the docters who refered him to a specalist nutritionist.

The nutritionist then did some kind of diet plan and treatment which was meant to help him with his bad skin.

Next fight he won the world title.