Cutting 10 lbs In 2 Weeks

I need to cut about 10 lbs in 2 weeks to make weight for a grappling tournament. I've never really had to cut weight for a tourney before, so I am looking for a little advice about diet from those that've done it before. If I do the high protein/no carbs thing, will that do it?

I've done a few variations of the low/no carb thing and it's near impossible to get enough calories to stay as strong as when you're eating carbs, especially if you're working out. I did it while I was training 4-5 hrs a day and kept my carbs below 20g, my fat below 40g and my total calories between 2000 and 2400, the result was waking up in the middle of the night with my kidneys killing me because I was eating 400-500g of protien.--I don't reccomend this and will never do it again.

I think it's hard to be able to tell you if can do it or not without knowing more about your fat/water/muscle ratio, how hard you train, how close your weigh in is to your first fight...etc...

Well actually, I'm sure you can do it, it's just a matter of how you'll feel for your fight(s)

From what I here, alot has to do with the weight in because most tournys make you wait then you weight in. So if I were you maybe cut carbs to 20 a day, and start doing sprints everyday becasue the more you cut now the less you will have to worry about weighing in.

Hey rocknroll you train 4-5 hrs a day, damn is that including any lifting as well?

is the Weight the night before

Your going to want to lose about 4 pounds of fat (max), the rest is going to be water. Post your height/weight/etc for more info.

wtf? 400g-500g protein?!!!

Have you weighed yourself at night and in the morning?

I lose about 7lbs from night and day weight.

Just eat less for a two week period or just one week, depending on how much water you do lose.

Remember what you weigh in the morning is you weight.  At night you have taken in a days worth of food and water.


roc311, I was able to put that much time in at the time, I can't/don't do it like that now and no, actually it was a ton of rope, bagwork, pushups, squats, running, swimming, and more bagwork during the day and a 45 minute ab routine at night after another run. Like I said I can't do this anymore, I don't think my body would be able to repair like it did 10 years ago even if I tried to work up to it. I did some pretty extreme things to see how my body would respond. I'm glad I did it though, it gives me a good perspective for smarter training now.

HeangKoing, Yeah, it was pretty crazy, most people don't believe it's possible, it is possible, just not smart.

My buddy does 600 grams sometimes. Stupid amount of shakes, no benefit after a certain point too I assume.

The best way to cut weight when you have as much time as you do is simply to roll alot. I was 205 and wanted to get to 189.9 to be at the top of the cruiserweights and I had 2 monthes. I went frantically to my coach for advice and he just said to clean up my diet and train my ass off. Sure enough, my weight went down to 187.5 the morning of the tournament on an empty stomach. I had 4 hours till my division and I filled up on oatmeal, bananas and water.

Hope that helps.

Great advice Don, I'm in the same boat in that I want to cut to cruseweight (180 is my goal weight) as well. TTT

Not sure where you're fighting but in NAGA and GQ 180 is the absolute botom of cruiserweight, which goes from 180-189.9. I'd come in a little heavier unless you feel confident at that weight, knowing most everyone else will be cutting down to make 189.

Well, right now I am at about 205, and I want to get to under 195. I was going to compete the first weekend in April, but I have been pretty sick for the last couple of weeks so I will be too out of shape. I think instead I'll compete in some may tournies, so that should be plenty of time to lose the weight. I think I'll just train my ass off and eat good (like TDR suggests), and hope for the best. Thanks!