cutting 13lbs in 3 days. possible?

is it possible to cut this amount of wieght. If so what are the best ways. not a requirement, just curious. A highshcool coach I know says its possible.

I've seen a teammate cut 16 pounds in a little under a day. 13 in 3 is very possible.

Absolutely, I've seen people cut 10-12 pounds in one day, 13 in 3 days isn't that hard.

you better believe it is, abolene(sp?), its a make up remover, rub it on your body, especially the places you sweat from alot, like the armpits, jump in the sauna and get ready to sweat

Totaly possible. Cut all sugar, hit the cardio hard, dehydrate on the last day. last 3-8 lbs can be water weight.

It's very possible. I would have to lose about that much, to make weight
for wrestling. Granted it's not easy or fun, but is defintly attainable.

Good point. If your a heavyweight with alot of body fat, No problem. On
the other hand if your a 125 pound wrestler with very liitle body fat. It will
be hard.

thanks for the info fellas. what foods would you suggest. also any suugestions on cardio, bike or treadmill?

u could cut 13pounds in an hour.

Anthony Hamlett cut 18 pounds in 24 hours to fight Tetsuo Katsuta in SuperBrawl. And he won the fight.

It's definitely possible, but not easy.

I left wrestling practice on a Sunday weighing 13 1/2 lbs over weight for my match after school on Tuesday. I cut 14 from about 11am on Sunday until Tuesday at about 5pm. I ate an apple and a Snickers bar the entire time. Not the suggested means. No chow plus, excess exercise, plus NO H2O equals cramps on the mat and salt pills........and don't forget the BUTT chewing by your coach (I think that took off another pound or two)

A lot of the UFC fighters cut that much in the last few days leading up to weigh-ins.

what are the best methods these days

Justin James weighted in at 177 lbs about 23 hours before weigh ins (he had to make 155 + 1)

He lost 21 lbs in 23 hours - after which he didnt even look like the same person...

I wouldnt believe it if I hadnt seen it...

I think it would be easier to cut in 1 day rather than 3 days. dont prolong the pain

13 pounds. Yea Cut that in 1 day.

chrus bregnan did 16 lbs in like 12 hours or something

I promise - its better over 3 days...

saunas break people - I dont mind it that much but I couldnt cut more than 10 in a 12 hour period - its just killer...I should say that I couldnt lose the LAST 10 lbs in a 12 hour period...

Losing the first 10 lbs isnt that hard - the last 10 lbs take some work.

I cut from 110 to 97 Lbs in 2 days when i was 15, wrestling in HS, and i was already ripped to shreds. Much more is possible.

I wrestled at 119 in hs.
I was ~130 when the season started and I probably had about 5% body fat (maybe).

I did it. I killed myself and fucked my body, but I did it.

So yes, it's possible. It's not healthy, but you're fighting. Why do you care?