Cutting 5 lbs?

I have my 2nd MMA match tomorrow and its at 145. I weigh about 150 now and wanted to know the best way to weigh 145 for the weigh ins.

The weigh ins are at 5 pm while the event starts at around 8:30. What is the best way to lose the (water) weight and replenish myself before the fight, starting from the time i wake up? (I still have to drive 4 hours to the weigh ins)


You are really gonna have to run alot/ stationary bike be heavily active with sweats on. Possibly even a winter jacket and hat to sweat off the weight. You are probably not gonna be able to eat or drink too much throughout the day. Drink water after the weigh ins and eat like a sandwich or something. Should probably tried to gradually lose that weight before this fight. I cut 18 lbs over 2 months to make weight for my last fight. Now I am lean and only 5 lbs heavier than what I fought at.

dont drink water at all tonight.. see how much you weigh in the morning. Do a light workout or jog and you should be fine with 5 pounds... if not use a sauna suit to do your jog and you will be fine.

Not much weight to cut. I'd just skip eating or drinking any water till weigh ins. You could find a sauna and easily drop that much.

Charles and Jerry hit the nail on the head. hell Jory (molotok) cut 20 a few months back.

Albolene and some trashbags, and a lot of jumproping! Drink plenty of water and Gatorade after the weigh in

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Take a shit.

What is albolene and what does it do?

Thanks for the help guys.

For Casca Grossa last year I was at 150 lbs the night before & I had to make 145.

All I did was not eat or drink at all till weigh ins. You will float several pounds off this way. I had to drive 40 minutes to get there, & I wore a trash bag with a sweatshirt over it & the heat on in my car all the way to the tournament.

It was really no real work & I overshot the weight by .5 anyway. I would suggest trying this. Try to get a good piss or shit out before the weigh ins as well.

lol @ leigh. Albolene is a make up remover in the form of a cream like vasseline. It opens your pores and makes you sweat more. You spread it over your body before your excercise and or sauna trip and you sweat more weight out.

I get it at CVS in the make up remover isle.

I wouldn't think it would be that hard for you to drop the five pounds if you follow the advice written above.

Here is a trick for death valley mouth while cutting weight...Run really cold water in the sink and put your toothbrush under the water, now suck out the water from the bristles..You can do that all throughout the night and not gain a single ounce and your mouth wont be so damn dry..

spit alot too


I lost.

The weight cutting affected me way more than I thought it would. I had him in a triangle (really tight), a guillotine and an armbar but lacked the strength to finish. I went to a split decision but I just felt so exhausted during the match. It was a KOTC qualifier match and I was really hoping I would win.

Thanks a lot for the help guys, I really appreciate it

If I need to lose five pounds quickly, I just beat it.


so true... found out the hard way