Cutting out Caffeine

I'm thinking bout cutting out caffeine totally. First of all, should I? And second, should I just quit cold turkey or ease into it? Phone Post

 depends how much you have per day. you can ease off or risk going through 2-3 days off brutal headaches

Drink tons of water it will help you detox without bad headaches.

I guess the question is, why are you wanting to cut it out? Are you getting some adverse effects?

it is a mood enhancer for me so i would never cut it

I could surely use more energy and sometimes take 100 mg of caffeine mixed with tyrosine.Been apprehensive to take more as I do not want to build up a tolerance.

Is taking 200mg daily going to cause a problem? Could use a mid day boost for sure.

I stopped completely, but then thought I life without caffeine isn't worth living. I'm down to one iced coffee a week.

I still enjoy the coffee, but it's just Monday morning. Treat it similar to the booze. Great on occasion, not an everyday thing though. Phone Post

yeah i find it very hard to cut caffeine out of my gives me energy and lifts my mood, makes me more social and wakes me up...problem is, i do sometimes crash on it and my overall well-being takes a slight nosedive from taking it every day...

 I take an average of about 300 mg caffeine per day. I really think I need to cut it down, and or out, myself. This is something I plan on doing over the next few months.


^^why do you feel the need to cut it out??

 Hey BryBry,

I just feel like my CNS is fried due to the constant stimulation. I am a bit of a caffeine junky.


I could cut down, but I think without AM coffee I'd be a hurting unit... Phone Post

I cut down by switching to green tea in the afternoons. I still drink coffee in the morning. Green tea has about a third of the caffeine as coffee and I found it's enough to prevent a crash / withdrawal. Phone Post

I drink coffee in the morning, but not every day.

Ive been caffeine free over a year and feel great. In the morning, i add 2 teaspoons of local honey to my oatmeal and it energizes me naturally for the morning. Phone Post