Cutting to 170; getting weak need

some help on how to maintain some strength. Are there any supplements that can help? I am at 183lbs now and I can cut 5 pounds water at a weigh-in. This leaves me with 8 more pounds to go! I would really appreciate some positive feed back. I have 6 weeks before I fight. Is that enough time to lose the weight correctly? I'm about 12% body fat right now. Thanks in advance.

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step 1: go to the "Expert Q&A Forum" on this website.

setp 2: go to the Chris Brennan forum

step 3: search that forum for the "Gotta lose weight in 13 days!!!"  (or just click on the link, lol)

step 4: read and follow the thread very closely.


how long do you have to lose the weight?  Why do you feel tired, are you trying to starve yourself.

Chicken, veggies, and hardboiled egg whites with a multivitamin are your friend.  Oh, and don't forget water, drink it until 18-24 hours before weigh-ins.

Thank you man! I think my calorie intake is too low; I am losing definition with strength right now.

ck it out ,it has a charts on everthing,body fat, cals,what is the lowest weight you should get will help you


Chris Bregnan is an expert at cutting without losing strength. Go to his forumn.

(btw, the misspelling was done on purpose)


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Your body is made up 45% water, you can cut 10-12 pounds in water, but if you have never cut weight before,(wrestling) it will be a lot harder. If you diet right, keeping the protein up and, lower the carbs, not completely, you will be fine. You have to do low reps(sets of 5) high weight to keep strenth, but you wont gain weight.

Randy, eat a ton ob broccoli. Cleans you out, and doesnt add any weight.

And brocoli tastes soooo good.

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O.K. Savage got cha on this one kid... Honest answer here, not pulling your leg. In your situation and given your body fat % is accurate this may be a viable option for ya. Go get yourself a colon cleansing. No shit, (No pun intended). Im willing to bet that they will rid ya of about 6-10 pounds of toxic materials that have built up in your colon over the last few years. It'll run ya about 150-200 bucks if you can't fit it under insurance. It'll "cleanse" you in many senses. I know alot of people that have done it and swear by it. It'll take about 3 sessions going once a week (at about 70 bucks a pop). Look at it as an anal massage with a different type of happy ending. ;-) Gook luck, Jon

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If Chris Brennaman can't answer your questions, no one can.


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