Cutting weight for Wrestling

I need to lose 15 pounds for wrestling in 2 weeks. How do I go about this? Please, any tips and help I would appreciate. Thanx

Up activity level, lower caloric intake, monitor starchy foods and sugary foods. Drink plenty of water. Supplement with L-glutamine, and a multi-vitamin mineral.

thank you

No more than 50mg carbs per day...from M - F. friday evening and saturday eat whatever, but with in reason..back to low carb on sunday.

Morning cardio for 45min - 1hr...early AM.

eat smaller meals every 2.5 - 3hrs. Eggs, chicken breast, salads should become your best friend...last meal 1hr b4 bedtime.

Mix water with all protein shakes. no Milk.


1. ALA (alpha Lipoic Acid) with every meal
2. Thermo (moderate dose if you can tolerate), Flax-seed oil (mix with shakes or you can use Virgin Olive oil)
3. L-Carnitine with every meal
4. Multi

50mg of carbs!? Not going to happen especially when eating eggs and salads.

If he is wrestling he is going to need the carbs for energy and I'm saying this as a low carb advocate. I'd reccomend a low carb diet as a way to lower weight before going into season but once in season the workload of practice, lifting, and outside cardio is going to need and be able to burn away carbs quickly.

I'm with coach hale on this one.

I think maybe he meant 50g?

cuz like... i think you probly breathe in 50mg of carbs a day, LOL

Thanks Jonwell !

Look into the CKD diet when in season, if you need to maintain your weight.

you don't want to do the yo-yo dieting.

when should i start cutting the weight, and any danger to this?

i also have 2 weeks to lose 15 lbs.

its pretty tough considering im pretty lean...

what would the equivelent of 50 g of carbs look like in terms
of fruits n veggiesp please?

can i drink as much water as i want throughout this time?

what is ckd diet?

any info would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You

You can lose alot more water weigth then you would expect. Only thing is after 8 lbs or so... your conditioning and performance tend to drop, unless you are used to it... and/or good at cutting.

Ok i have eatin like u guys said for 2 weeks now, dieting
pretty hard now... and am definitely RIPPED...

but i am still 10 lbs OVER?!?!

admittedly i still take in a gallon of h2o a day... but no other

working out 2x a day... AM/PM
haven't started cutting yet w the plastics or anything.

can i lose some more via dieting or no?
when do you know you have reached your lowest weight?
how early before weigh-ins should i start cutting?
how many days should i spend cutting?
if i lose say 5 lbs the 1st day and am still 4 over... how much
should i eat/drink?

any info would be greatly appreciated... thanks in advance

Cutting weight is not healthy and the body does not want to do it. So, muscle is going to eat away. You'll probably have to lower caloric intake and icnrease activity level even more. Not really healthy but that is the way it goes for wrestlers.

And in the end you're going to need to cut a good deal of water weight. Probably 5-7lbs of it.

Good luck.

not healthy in what regards, specifically?

am i damaging organs?
is there any HEALTHY way to cut weight?
is cutting 5 lbs. of water weight safe in terms of health?

You'll be fine. Many people have cut WAY more than that and been fine. The constant shock of going up and down in weight just is not desirable; that's all I was saying.

You can EASILY cut 5lbs of water weight.

Is there any way to DIET off some of these last TEN lbs?
here is my typical diet...(been following for 2.5 weeks now)

Conditioning (Run, etc.)

10 am Breakfast:
3 hardboiled egg whites
1/4-1/2cup OATS w 1/2 apple
8 - 10 Almonds

1pm Lunch:
4 oz. chicken breast
1/2 cup spinach
1 slice cantaloupe
6 almonds

3pm Snack:
1 slice whole wheat bread w Peanut butter (cravings)


7pm Dinner:
4 oz. chicken breast
10 grape tomatoes
1/2 apple
6 almonds

9pm Snack (Maybe)
1 hard boiled egg white
1/2 apple

sometimes ill have hard carb cravings and have a cookie or
two or add an extra piece off fruit to a meal...

can i streamline this diet even more...
would really like to diet off 2 - 3 more lbs. so ill b 6 - 7 over..
then i can just sweat that off.
ANY info would be greatly appreciated.