Cutting weight is a science

For someone to be asked to cut 20 lbs in 24 hrs and has never cut weight in his life is going to be hard. I cut 18 lbs in 24 hrs from 161 to 143 in Hawaii for a Superbrawl. I may look like crap and feel like crap but I keep going. You have to have the mind set of nomatter how much this hurts I will make weight.

For me I don't like to get in the hot box till I have nothing left in me to work it off. That box is the worse feeling in the world and I wont even go in them unless I am cutting weight because I hate them so much.

I get all bundled up with plastics on and start off with a 20 min run. I then jump on the bike and get that sweat really going maybe 20-30 min. After that I like to be on the bike for 20 then off for 5 back and forth. I like to do this for 90-120 min. I will usally pull off 5-6 in that time. That becomes smaller and smaller the more times I do this till I make weight all the way down to 1 1/2 lbs.

This is what I find works for me I started this is college during wrestling.

Lindland pulled off 24lbs in 24 hrs then wrestled the next day and beat Keith Sheraki 9-0 for the Olympic spot on the 2000 team after their big court battle.

I wear my plastics, sweats get on my bike, turn the heat up and the lbs. come off quick.

The hardest part for me is starving myself and trying not to drink. Its not easy, but obviously more than just a few of us are capable of doing it.

I used to cut a little weight in my wrestling days, and I agree with ICEE. Stay out of the sauna until the last couple of lbs. That's where people break mentally.

I walked around at 165+ and wrestled nationals and Olympic trials at 136.5 lbs in '96, and 138 lbs in '00, and it sucked to make the weight, but everyone did it.

Steve Horton

Can cutting that much weight be dangerous?

I heard that when you sweat you loose variuos chemicals from the body mainy salt NaCl if you only replace the water after you are in danger of swelling of the brain and variuos other conditions.
Lately there have been reports of football players working hard in their full uniforms and in hot weather that have died.

I agree. The most i have had to cut on a consistant basis is 10-17 pounds. My way of doing is very similiar to yours. The sauna is the very last place I go. I thought that dude on TUF2 was going to die in there.

That sure doesn't sound healthy

Can someone explain why cutting in a wet sauna is easier than in a dry one as people tell me?

Also, is there a standard weight cutting routine most people follow?

What is a good weight to drop before a fight?

i have seen some great weight cutters during wrestling. we had a national champion that would start the week off at 190 and compete on saturday at 158.

cutting some 20 pounds in 24 hours is really stupid. you can put that liquid back in you, but your body will still suffer the effects greatly. even if you go the IV route you will be at a fraction of your performance level.

if you do have to cut a large amount of weight in 24 hours it is better on your body to do it in in the sauna. that way you are not working your muscles to drop the weight. if you work your muscles as you drop the weight in such a short period of time you are causing a horrible amount of muscular stress.

i would start the week in college weighing 150 and cut down to 118. i would only use a sauna for the last couple of pounds, but if i had to do it in 24 hours it would all occur in the sauna.

I still tell the story of ICEE getting off a plain at 161lb for a 143lb fight.  To say he struggled is putting it lightly. 

It was a really impressive feat.  If I remember right, the last half pound took a couple hours and he looked like a skeleton. I thought he was gonna drop dead! 

Extended periods of dehydration can be very bad for you. That's why I only start pulling water out of body when I'm within 24 hours of weigh-ins. As long as you condition your body for those kind of workouts, and you rehydrate as soon as possible, it's not too bad.

A lot of wrestlers have started using IVs to rehydrate faster after weigh-ins.

I try to stay within 10 pounds anymore. I can't stand to cut weight. I beleive since trying to stay within 10 pounds of my fighting weight, I have been more successful.

I swore when I got on your scale something was wrong with it.

Horton was a master at cutting weight and I learned alot of my weight cutting from him. He was the BIGGEST 136 lb wrestler at the US Open. He had to be carried to the scales one time.

Yes it can be dangerous and is not good for you but if can do it and "recover" it's one more weapon you have going for you.

In 1997 3 wrestlers died cutting weight this was the first heard of. They were all on creatine but they couldn't prove that was why. Since wrestling has alot of rules on cutting weight.

if i knew i was fighting/grappling/wrestling someone that had to even cut 10 pounds 24 hours before our match i would be loving it. you can replace the water but it takes days to reverse the physical effects. cutting as much weight as i did in college was stupid . the only reason why i could compete during a match was because the guy across the mat did the same. if he did not i would have been smoked each week.

bernard hopkins stays within 10 pounds of his fighting weight. he knows losing weight is a killer to your body.

you have an advantage on your competition swiftnhbfighter

i was still wrestling in college when those kids from MI died. it was purely due to the creatine. every wrestler in the nation new it, but when something like that happens people just want to make changes and not examine the causes.

I normally drop ten pounds after 2 hours of training without specifically trying to lose the weight. I've done as much as 12 pounds in 45 minutes. I really think it is your body and will power more than fancy ways of making your body sweat more. 

no one does the soak-in-a-tub-of-hot-saltwater method? interesting.

For the last few days I try to be within 10 pounds of fight weight. I will only usually be 15 pounds more anyway.

In a striking sport, cutting too much is more dangerous, so be careful. IV is a good way to hydrate quickly.


I would cut from 175 to 150 during my senior year of college and I agree with eveything said here.  The first night should have been spend running, then biking, and doing boxing drills in plastics for a good 2 to 3 hours.  This way the metabolism would have been able to cut off another 3 to 4 pounds over night and through the next day.  The last part should have been the sauna when there was no energy left.  My coach was a firm beliver that the sauna drains you and should be only used for getting a sweat going or getting off the last few pounds.  Another good technique is rubbing yourself with water before the plastics come on to encourage a sweat and to create a steam environment in your suit.  Hell, I can't sit in a sauna for more than 20 minutes now, but I could work off the weight if I needed to.

Dan Black is correct.

After seeing TUF II's opening episode, I did an experiment last night. I worked out hard, then coated myself in Vaseline and got into a super-hot sauna. I lasted maybe 15 minutes. I lost one pound. I can't imagine what those guys go through much less fight afterward.

this thread is the perfect example of why they same day weigh ins are a good idea