Cutting weight, losing weight

I would like to know how you guys go about cutting weight before a fight, when you start, and what you do to gain it back after the weigh-in????

Im also curious on how you guys go about losing weight in general, and whats the best way to do it???


Wrestlers and kick/boxers seem to have the edge in this. Anyone?

We covered this extensively with Chris Brennan at our last seminar here you go !

First off try to get within 10-12lbs. of the weight class you will compete in the week before and if you have never cut weight before do a practice run first long before you ever do it for competition and hopefully your weigh-in is the day before. Go to your drug store and get a product called albolene.

1. Put as much water in your body as possible the week before up until 24 hrs. of your weigh-in. This will allow your body to get rid of water when you cut thinking that it is always getting water.

2. At 24 hrs. cut all liquid and foods.

3. For a10-12 lb. cut you will cut once the night before.

4. First cut rub Albolene on you entire body and put plastics on. Use a suana for about 3x5 min. rounds with a 1-2 min break of skipping, shadow boxing or another aroebic exercise. This will be your first cut the night before.

5. First cut should be about 4 lbs. and then another 1.5 should be lost when you sleep.

6. Second cut is done as soon as you wake up. Repeat above and lose another 3 lbs. and you should be within 2-3 lbs.

7. Rest the rest of the day and you should loose another 1 lb. and the remainder will be cut 1 hr. before weigh-ins repeat above but at a much shorter duration.

8. You will feel very run down not to worry the next steps are to replenish youself.

9. First thing after stepping off the scale is SIP (do not chug as much as you will want to) on pedialite (found in the childrens section at food stores. After you finish this bottle move on to water and light foods after your first meal eat every 2 hrs. even wake up during the night before the fight to get a snack. Get at least another gallon and half of water before your fight. Whole wheat breads and protein drinks are great prefight.

10. It will take a while bfore you urinate but this will let you know if you are rehydrated.

11. Morning before fight eat whole wheat pankes and stick to the same diet you have been on all along but add some or doubll=e it if you can and then closer to the fight keep some protein bars handy and some fruit.

Also if you are looking for a great diet plan that is easy to follow and awesome recipe's there is a book from Tanya Meins out of Lethbridge Alberta that is fantastic. Call Lee at 403-320-5569


wow that is some fantastic stuff, very detailed too thanks alot.