Cyborg becomes Kitana vs Ronda Sonya Blade

Cyborg is always mad at Ronda Rousey and since Ronda got the role as Sonya Blade Cyborg is pissed. Cyborg decided to 1 up Ronda by becoming Kitana check it out :)


What do you think who wins Kitana or Sonya Blade?

@RondaRousey got the job as #SonyaBlade for the new #MortalKombat movie coming out, so just do 1 up her @criscyborg secretly got the job as #Kitana. Who wins Kitana or Sonya Blade? more at

— Paulie G (@PaulieGMMA) February 9, 2019

Why is a woman in her 30s trying to live in Rouseys shadow? she has all the manners to be her own person.

She wants to be so much like Ronda she even got KTFOd like Ronda. TWINS.

and the whole costume is a photoshop


Should probably be Baraka .

WhereIsGoranReljic -

Should probably be Baraka .