Cyborg: Rousey can't compete with me

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                                Cyborg: Rousey can't compete with me

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Rousey has made it clear ... the only way she will fight the 145-pound Santos is if Cyborg drops down to the 135 lb weight class -- where Ronda currently reigns supreme.

Cyborg's response? "Meet me at 140 lbs" ... adding, "Then ask her if I’m a fraud after I knock her ass out!”

Cyborg  -- who'll get in the ring for the Invicta Fighting Championships on April 5 -- says Rousey's ultimatum is the move of a coward:

"Obviously she knows that she can’t compete with me – take the time, maybe [Ronda] will get good enough and gain some confidence."

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140 seems fair to me.
i would hurt cyborg some, and rousey not at all.

I read all Cyborg quotes in Tito-stutter now. Phone Post

"Firm in my hands 140 lbs"

"My client.. will see who the fraud is. A knockout, then what?" Phone Post

mightymouse is ducking benson henderson

Well, duh, that would require you to fight in the same company as her.

Useless statement if I've ever seen one.. Phone Post

KingofBJJ - 140lbs is fair enough, although it is apparent that White won't allow his new female cash cow to be destroyed until he milks her for all she is worth to him.

White continues to blab his typical nonsensical statements about "its not a title fight so why bother", never mind the number of non-title 205lbs fights he scheduled for Anderson.

makes no sense. there is only one womens division in ufc. 135. the champ has fought for the belt and defended it. makes no sense to have her fight at a catchweight for an opponent who will never make it to 135 because she is on steroids. If the UFC brought in a 145lb division and Cyborg won the title, thats the only way a catchweight would be fair

I want Cyborg to lose in Invicta just so I can see the look on Tito's face.

It makes no sense for her to call out the champ of a division she doesn't compete in. Cyborg needs to worry about the 145 pound women in Invicta that are looking to make a name off of her. Phone Post

Obviously Rousey can't compete with her, Cyborg can't even make the weight. Phone Post

Cyborg would destroy Rousey.

If she had Ronda's back as Liz Carmouche and Miesha Tate had, Ronda would have lost her head.

And I don't think her jabbing-into-a-clinch-position would help her against Cyborg, who also loves to clinch, kneels and strikes really hard from that position .

She swang all her opponents as rag dolls while clinching. It wouldn't be different with Ronda.

SHes a joke. How about she quits the roiding and loses some muscle mass and cuts down. She can make the weight just doesnt want to let go of her muscle advantage.

If Cyborg isn't in the UFC and can't make 135 then I think she needs to STFU already about fighting Ronda. It's getting old..... Phone Post

enough with the roid talk,

im sure borg will stop what she did in the past now shes been caught.

and how many people in mma have been busted for roids?

oh yea..

This is all pointless. The reality is you have a mainstream interest smiley kind of sweet media darling girl versus a freakish looking roided up kind of girl.

ronda will be fed cans and primetime media slot interviews for the foreseeable future.

exactley, its 5 friggin lbs, give me a break ronda.

you wont make the fans happy for 5 lbs?

theres a real champ right there

If Cyborg wants to remain relevant, she should stop talking about Rousey, and focus on winning some fights, legitimately. She lost cred for popping, and now she has to earn that back. She has to earn her right to challenge Ronda

You can't call someone out on your own terms, the whole point of calling someone out is to say, "I'll beat you anytime, anywhere. I'm better than you."

so ronda should call out/ or back up her previous claim that she would fight cyborg at 145,

she said she would.