Cyborg would still be a beast without PEDs.

WestsideStrangler -  We'll never know

Are you saying she will never stop taking them? I have no doubt she will return to action at some point. Plenty of fighters caught roiding have come back after serving their suspension.

If she returns, tests clean, and starts walloping everyone again, will people just say she is still roiding or what? Phone Post

 Here is what I'm saying.  She built that body while juicing.  I'm sure she worked hard but I'm also sure she was juicing.  It's to late to know if she would have done what she did to all these chicks if she never juiced becuase she did and is now built that way.  She may shrink a lil or soften up a bit if shes off, OR she may just be a little smarter like she was before and cover better.  EIther way we won't know.

Example: at 16 I was a very skinning 120lbs, and 18 I was a MASSIVE 220.  Yes in 2 years I gained 100 pounds bodybuilding and juicing and eating to the hilt.  Now I havent lift weights in 20 years and at 40 years old I look like I lift and diet everyday.  The shit doesnt go away.  I have a muscular physique now no matter what.  I'm not as strong as when I was juicing by any means but I am much stronger than I would have been had I never done it becuase I wouldnt have develoved the muscles I did while on it.

So ya we will never know about her.

 No not really but im sure everyone is different.  I'm obviously not 220 anymore I walk at 180 but im sure that has a lot to do wiht not lifting and the amount of training I do now.  And not juicing of course.

BlueBerryMuffinTop - She obviously didn't think so, or she wouldnt of cheated and done them

 So, Strangler. You juiced at a young age and gained the unfair advantage of growing up AND FIGHTING (mr. green name) after cheating your way to a bigger stronger body. Do I have that right?

You did just say you juiced to gain an advantage and that advantage has stayed with you up to today? Right?

Fuck dude. The whole time you were fighting at an enhanced, unnatural ability. Correct me if I have this wrong, please.