cyborg's grappling underrated?

holy shit, i don't know if i read correctly, but she was one illegal knee to the head away from making the finals in 68kgs and took home 3rd place?

 yeah I think it's underrated because I don't think most people think of her as a grappler

she did well, albeit kind of boring matches

 Haven't see the video yet of Cyborg's performance at the ADCC.  Since Cyborg as an MMA fighter always seems to let her opponent get up if they are a grappler. (Shayna/Akano)  Notice her fight with Carano Cyborg did more BJJ work than she does against a grappler. 

I think if it wasn't for the knee the match would have gone to another round.

She's inordinately strong for a woman and was fighting in an ADCC division that was a combination of MW and HW, so she didn't have to worry about cutting weight.

It was an impressive showing, but she would've lost to Hannette Staack in the finals regardless.