Cyborgs roiding Is disgusting...

Cyborg looked and fought like a man.

The deep voice, huge facial features, man type muscles..

Who knows how many types of peds she took?

To me what she did is worse than a man taking peds.

To fight against other women when you have the chemically enhanced body of a man is very dangerous for your female opponet.

Women are not made to take strikes from a male boneframe and musculature.

I bet we would still have gina fighting....

Think about that...

I hope they test her intensively for growth hormone and all possible peds.

She is a bully and their is no honor in her victories.

She was a man fighting women

Disgusting Phone Post


 PED or PEDO, which was the bigger news item today?


I dont care if roided won in 16 secs Phone Post

she seemed legit, I would have never guessed she was on the juice

He deserves to be stripped.

She also beat the shit out of a bunch of chics at the bjj world championships including George Lucas's daughter.  They don't test though.  Give Amanda Lucas the gold!

Where is the sense of accomplishment after a victory if you cheat?? Phone Post

Totally agree. Cheaters should be banned and Cyborg should have had more thorough testing from the start. Phone Post

I wonder how much his testicles shrank.

it's just wanderlei silva in drag, can't believe no ones noticed.

not that there's any defending her, but how do you know a lot of women aren't using? Would that make it less egregious?


She has obviously been roiding all along.

I find PED use in combat sports, alot more offensive than someone cheating to run around a track.

PED use in combat sports should result in a life ban, imo.

I mean, it's not like she looked like she wasn't using anything. But to get some confirmation, DAMN. Poor girls she was fighting might as well have been beaten up by (Man)Cyborg...

Now I definitely wanna see Cyborg/Aldo though. Let's her keep using and make it for both titles. Ha Phone Post

I wonder who's the top/bottom in the Santos house/ who hasthe bigger dick Phone Post

wreckker - Where is the sense of accomplishment after a victory if you cheat?? Phone Post

Money, Fame, Ect. The end of the day these men and women are prize fighters. There aren't many left who follow The principles of martial arts. Phone Post

I agree. Everyone knew. Ever since the Gina fight I've been disgusted and waiting for her to pop.

How I wish things had gone different in that fight. Gina had a full mount and chose to stand up. If only she hadn't. Who knows, maybe we coulda been seeing rousey vs carano in march. That fight coulda been huge. Phone Post

It's what happened to some of the pride fighters when they came to the UFC and stopped using. Wandy everyone said he was over the hill when he came to the UFC. But we all know he stopped using peds and the aggression strength etc. was gone he finally dropped in weight etc. but still did not do that well.

 This was the one time that I judged her based on her looks and her performances.  I said, "that chick is on roids.....100%"  As did most everyone else.

I think Cris is till kinda hot in a transsexual kinda way...

There is no doubt she could give an excellent back massage or total body rub down and would fit right in with the guys and match story for story in the sauna or ice tub...

Right now I am thinking of items I could insert into myself while she is imprisoned for her testing positive.