cycle heavy training?

I've been doing the Max 02 training for a couple of months. I saw significant strength gains, but the last couple of weeks, I just feel like my joints/muscles are really sore....especially the shoulders. I've cut back on training days and even taken off a week. Should heavy training be cylcled with light or moderate training? If so, what do you recommend? If you do cycle, will you lose the strength gains acquired from the heavier lifting. My goal is to get stronger. Someone on here recommended the Max 02, so I started doing it. Any info appreciated.

 lord yes!

That's what I was thinking...I'm one of those guys who needs a program and I follow it to the tee. Max O2 says to take a week completely off, but then start back up on the program. Any recommendations on how long to lift heavy and then switch it up?

IMHO 8-12 week training blocks are very good.  I run all my S&C programs around 8 week blocks and we've had tremendous results.  ex. and 8 week period of general strength lifting heavy twice a week and some form of aerobic cardio maintenance work on third day mixed in with 3-4 days of MMA skill training. We keep the lifting simple and very heavy 4x5's & 5x5's squats, deads,rdl, bench, press, etc..

after 8 weeks we take 7 days off and then start an 8 week block of something else ex. general conditioning which would be the opposite - doing cardio capactiy work 2x/week and doing strength lifts once a week for maintenance.  etc. etc.

I'm a Joel Jamieson disciple if that wasn't clear.  his program has been perfect for my team and our goals.