Cyclist smashes out back window, gets KOd


That was like an awesome real-life cartoon!


It’s simplicity, is it’s awesomeness 

The noise the bongo made loool

With a fucking bongo drum? I love it 

Dude got a good sound out of that thing


what did he hit him with, a frying pan?



What the fuck did he hit him with?


10 points for the restraint of not kicking him in the head til it was one with the asfalt

Hahaha, El kabong....go

Voted up!


Walk off k.o. 


Not worth ruining someone's life over a broken window

Ima guess that guys life was already ruined. Maybe this will serve as a valuable life lesson to not fuck with other people’s shit that will serve him well throughout the rest of his years. 

Hahaha, I can't stop laughing the noise when he hits him. 


I remember that one...


Was that a giant bell lol