Cyrille Diabate VS Jimi Manuwa ...Just announced!

Great fight...... an interesting test for Manuwa...not sure who to pick!!

Announced by UFC UK on facebook so must be a UK fight ??

Hopefully Jimmy has been doing tons of road work to get his cardio up.

I wonder if Diabate will go all NOGI on Jimmy?

I like this fight

UFC uk is on the level of the old cage rage shows, but far more expensive.

Should be a good one. Diabate got walked down by Gustafsson, and looked like the type to get uncomfortable when someone pressures him. He's also getting a bit long in the tooth. I might pick the younger challenger.

Good fight. Phone Post

Yesssss was scared they would put him up against a really good wrestler , should be a sick fight

Such a good fight.  Hopefully we see some great striking exchanges.

Wow, Amazing match up. Phone Post

Great matchup, looking forward to it after watching Jimi's debut against Kingsbury. Phone Post

DoomFarmer - Great fight.

War PosterBoy Phone Post

. Phone Post

I feel bad for diabete Phone Post

Diabate* Phone Post

UGCTT_Big Crouchy UK - I feel bad for diabete Phone Post

Yes he's going to get hurt, Manuwa only needs to connect once. Phone Post

I like Jimi but Diabate will put a beating on him

Good fight, should be fun. Jimi gonna knock him out.