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Combat Zone 8/"Street Justice"

October 2, 2004/Club Lido/Revere


USA USKBA Super Welterweight Title

Joe Lauzon(Team Aggression) vs Mike Brown(Team Elite)

USA USKBA Super Cruiserweight Title

Jerry Spiegel(Renzo Gracie) vs Elias Rivera(Dog Pound)

Featured Fights:

Nuri Shakir(Team Elite) vs Derrick Keasley(Team Mash)

Bobby Dias(Boneyard) vs Warren "Giant Lee" Mayone

USKBA Supermiddleweight NE Title

Rich Moskowitz(Team Santos) vs Andrew Calandrelli(Renzo Gracie)

Marcelo Virla(CMFC) vs Jay White(Renzo Gracie)

Mike True(Fightzone) vs Kiel McDougall

Jason Dublin(Close Range) vs John Hoaard(BMAC)

Cory Papaysian(Venom) vs Nelson Todis(Shakir)

David Medd(Dayboll) vs Jim Gonsalves(BMAC)

Fred Mello(Team Santos) vs Billy Norcross(Basement)

Brandon"Sissy" Gallow(Mash) vs Jason Hathaway(USS)

Frank Latina(Dog Pound) vs Ricardo Deborba(BMAC)

AMATEUR/Muay Thai Match

Marco Castro(Boston Muay Thai) vs Andreas Sityodtong(SMT)

ttt....For a great card and great promoter.

Dayum! TTT for J-Lau, Moskowitz, and Fred Mello. I would very much like to see Bobby Dias fuck Giant Lee up.



Awesome card!!!

TTT for the "sissy"!!! Damn it would suck to get beat by a guy nick named The Sissy

Tremendous card Bruce!

It's a very solid card, best to all the fighters. I love diaz/
Mayone, this Giant is getting himself into all kinds of trouble



Giant Lee said in his emails to me that he loves to stand and strike....I'm sure Dias will obligue.

Good card!

What are the actual weight divisions in pounds of these USKBA "super" titles?

Not sure on the others, Mike and I both need to be under 153.9 though... I think Bruce said it starts around 145 or something.

lol at more Giant lee talks. I'll have to get some results before
I judge him too harshly, but ah say, ah say, goddamn he
seems like a goofy character

I am not sure about the other fighters, but I'll go with White for sure.

We will know in advance if Giant Lee is a farce, he is coming up a day early, Ill personally talk to Bruce once Lee is there and Ill post. We need everyone showing support and coming to this show, there is nothing between now and it, and Littlefields show (which everyone should also be going to) is almost a month away after that. People can make both, but lets show the support this card deserves.

The man has a point!

If you don't make the show, Kirik agreed to give us all your addresses, and I will be driving the passenger van to your house so Lauzon can heelhook you, and spiegel can step on your face.


And Jerry wears big boots