Czech beer

This is my first posting on this hollowed ground but I do loves me some beer. Yeungling is my regular but want to try much more. Thus the name of this thread "Czech beer". I know that I like lagers, and I hear Czech lagers are the does anyone have some names I could "Czech" out? (nyuck nyuck nyuck.....*tap* *tap*...this thing on?)

Budvar (or Chzechvar) is quite tasty. That's the only one I've ever had tho.

and keep in mind we're talking light lagers here- there's a world of other lager styles out there :)

jonwell, care to educate me some more about lagers? Basically I know how to open cans and some bottles so hold nothing back.

Mmmm, nothing beats a czech pilsner.

I have some empties at home, I'll give you the names when I get ther.

I fergot about this thread. Chzechvar and Pilsner Urquell are both good and I'm drinking copious amoutns tonight.

There are a few others but I forget the names, if they are brewed in Czech Republic and either in a can or a dark bottle or a bottle not exposed to too much sunlight its unlikely you will be disappointed.

"There are 2 types of beer, Lager and Ale. "

I'm guessing stout is a type of lager. Do all lagers taste like this?

Stout is actually an ale, and no, both of the two categories include styles with widely varied tastes.

And to be fair there are some other, odd, forms of beer that don't quite fit into either category like Lambics.