Czech President Zeman: Transgender Is 'Disgusting'

Czech President Zeman Calls Transgender People ‘Disgusting’

Here’s a guy that has never heard of the word “Political Correctness.”


He’s right.


What has a transgender ever done to him?

Because he knows transgenderism is just a political wing of prostitution at this point.

More accurate question is probably: What has he ever done to a trangender?

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One can argue that saying it’s “disgusting” is doing a lot of harm.

Sweet love?

I trust no politicians, you know… the more they condemn something the more I think that they actually partake in it.

Yeah, I meant that he might have sexed one.

Perhaps he got dumped by one.

He’s not wrong.

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Regrettably, no.

I tend to agree.

100% correct! Disgustingly mentally ill to be more precise!

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Hes Right GIF by moodman

An actually leader! Holy shit