d-bag friend move, but funny.

so back in the day we use to go to a friends house to watch ppv's and we would all put in 5bucks and give to him for ordering the cards.

well one day i was there and was just gonna see what time something came on and behold you could watch it for free.

jackass had a open card and was hustling us, i swiftly kicked him in the balls and then laughed and told him well played sir, i taught you well.

Dick move to do to your friends. But still slick

Lol. I think it's funny.

I'm sure y'all got drunk and broke something in his house or fucked it up a few times to make up for it Phone Post 3.0

no no that was usually my house

Yeah, I had one. Paid $400 for it in '94.
You got charged 5 bucks a few times. Phone Post

Btw, the home was on me. The thing worked for like 6 months until they changed their codes or whatever. I paid $400 for about 2 UFC's. Phone Post

*joke Phone Post

Passive-aggressive is best with good friends. Physical violence can adversely affect a friendship.

Next time, give him the old upper decker. After the initial anger and outrage, you guys can laugh over beers about the festering turd he found in his toilet tank 3 weeks after you left it there.