D-Lau/Fisher Slam!

Finally got the video of the first :45 seconds of the Spencer Fisher vs. Dan Lauzon fight. Spencer won the fight, but this is for all the fans who missed the beginning when the PPV broadcast cut out.

sweet ttt

sweet. i see joe lauzon eat spencer fisher's soul when they finally meet up.

nice lift!

thanks for posting that.

Awesome shot. Great wrestling. Very impressive. Thanks for posting it.



If it was a 45 second fight Dan would have won Im sure!

we're not trying to take anything away from Spencer's win. He won, no question. Just a lot, err everyone, who watched the PPV, missed the first :45 seconds.

"Nice lift indeed, but Fisher will take J-Lau's lunch money. No disrespect to Joe, but Spencer is a f'n monster."

Yeah, and Jens Pulver was a puppy...

Joe can do it.

more of a take down with some lift than a real slobber-knocking "slam!"... anyway, I'm a biased Fisher fan... but, D Lau gets props!  Looking forward to seeing the kid fight in UFC on more than a week's notice!

wow i missed that too....that was awesome Upgrade

"no problem, AlwaysInjured! though i don't see why you care."

Wise ass!

That slam was sick.

Dan's going to be a beast in time. The problem for Fisher is Joe is already a beast. My money's on joe.

if Joe & Fisher fight you know my bankroll will be on Joe. He's going to walk through Spencer.

Not bad. On PPV we had the audio at that point but
no visual. I was wondering what happened.

ttt for when I get home.

i wonder what would have happend had the upgrade no gassed............thanks for the vid i missed it too.....

"i wonder what would have happend had the upgrade no gassed............"

I personally think Dany would've won, but I'm biased. Fisher did a great job, though.

Awesome slam, D-Lau.

no one takes Joe Lauzon's lunch money... No One!!

Guys it was a takedown relax.