D.O.G. Japan - ATT weigh-in shock

How do you come in 6.2kg overweight for a -78kg fight - did he stop at Burger King on the way to the weigh in?

"At the weigh-ins for tomorrow's Demolition of Octagon Gear card, Hidetaka Monma found a new weight problem.

The DOG weigh ins at Wajyutsu Keisyukai RJW in Monzen-Nakacho, Tokyo today played witness to a strange scenario. In what may be the biggest weigh-in debacle in recent memory, far eclipsing Fabricio "Pitbull" Monteiro's 3.8 kilogram overweight weigh-in this past July in DEEP, American Top Team fighter Luigi Fioravanti, scheduled to face Hidetaka Monma in the main event, weighed in at an astounding 84.2 kilograms for his bout with Monma, which is contracted to be contested at a 78 kilogram weight.

Monma is no stranger to peculiarity on the scales. The Pancrase and GCM veteran competed in May in HERO'S 70 kilogram tournament, where he was stopped by Gesias "JZ" Calvancanti in the first round. For the bout, Monma had to cut an incredible 14 kilograms to make weight, leaving him weak and depleted for his bout with the Brazilian stalwart.

In addition to Fioravanti coming in at a shocking 6.2 kilograms overweight, Fioravanti's teammate Paul Rodriguez weighed in at 900 grams over the 70 kilogram contract for his bout with Eiji Mitsuoka. Greatest Common Multiple officials have stated that Rodriguez and Fioravanti will be weighed tomorrow, and if they are not on weight, they will face unspecific penalities, likely in the form of pre-bout yellow cards, and possibly a reduced fight purse.

Monma, who made the 78 kilogram weight limit on his first attempt, appeared to pay little mind to the astronomical weight of his opponent. "He is a professional, I'm sure he'll get to the weight," said Monma. When asked about his seemingly unnatural cut to 70 kilograms, and how he felt heading into tomorrow's bout, Monma said, "Last time, I trained to make weight. This time, I trained to win."

Official Weigh-In Results:

Takaichi Hirayama (Wajyutsu Keisyukai RJW) - 69.9 KG
Wataru Takahashi (Freelance) - 69.9 KG

Yoshiyuki Yoshida (Tokyo Yellow Mans) - 78.4 KG
Hossein Ojaghi (Otokogumi) - 78.9 KG

Takahito Iida (Wajyutsu Keisyukai A3) - 71.5 KG
Artur Oumakhanov (SK Absolute Russia) - 71.1 KG

Wataru Miki (Wajyutsu Keisyukai RJW) - 69.8 KG
Koji Yoshida (Freelance) - 70.0 KG

Tomonari Kanomata (Paraestra Hachioji) - 69.7 KG
Yasuyoshi Kinbara (Team Cloud) - 69.9 KG

Keita Nakamura (Wajyutsu Keisyukai Tokyo Headquarters) - 75.9 KG
Djalili Salmanov (SK Absolute Russia) - 75.6 KG

Eiji Mitsuoka (Wajyutsu Keisyukai RJW) - 69.9 KG
Paul Rodriguez (American Top Team Orlando) - 70.9 KG

Hidetaka Monma (Wajyutsu Keisyukai A3) - 78.0 KG
Luigi Fioravanti (American Top Team Orlando) - 84.2 KG"

Thats pretty unprofessional. What the hellwas he thinking?

I feel bad for Monma

That's strange.

He was an entire weight class over?

Go Luigi!!!!!!!!


This is Luigi's first fight overseas.  Maybe he did not count on for the water weight that one usually gains sitting in a plane for 20 hours.  I'm sure that he will cut it and the fight will go on.  Best of luck to a true warrior!

Go to Xyience and train with The Hyena. Cant reccomend him enough. You will learn a shit load and be treated very well.

Isn't Luigi a middleweight? It almost sounds like he didn't know what weight class he was fighting in.

He looked small when I last saw him on Monday...weird.

Im sure he could shave his chest and make the weight.


Dude why is he trying to fight at that low of a weight? It's very unprofessional to be showing up that much overweight. Everyone in the boxing world went berzerk over JLC and he was only 4 pounds over. 14 pounds is just ridiculous, he never should have signed the contract in the first place.

I don't see the point of him cutting all that weight overnight and on the day of the fight. It's reckless, endangers his health, and likely will detract more from the quality of the fight than the weight difference. If I were his management, I would profusely apologize for the mistake and begin negotiations for them to fight as is or not fight at all. A share of his purse might soften the blow for the opponent.

"I'm fat, so fuck you..."

BREAKING NEWS: Luigi actually had a small Japanese woman in his pocket during the weigh-ins...he just made weight and the fight will continue...DEVELOPING...

"This is Luigi's first fight overseas. Maybe he did not count on for the water weight that one usually gains sitting in a plane for 20 hours"

How does sitting on a plane magically make a person gain 14lbs of water weight...

smac1- maybe not 14 pounds, but you would be surprised how much water weight you retain in long flights like that!

I've been on plenty of long flights, and I was a professional cyclist, if you want to meet a group of people who are obsessed about their weight... cyclists qualify.

1/2lb of extra weight can ruin everything. I don't know where you are getting your information, but flying does not make you gain water weight... which just makes no sense anyway.

Also even if it did (and it doesn't) it would just be water weight, and would come right off when you started cutting).

Sounds like he thought the fight was at 185

go ATT good luck luigi and Paul

["Everyone in the boxing world went berzerk over JLC and he was only 4 pounds over."]

Considering the MILLIONS of dollars a high-profile boxing match risks when a fighter fails his contractual obligation- you bet your ass the boxing world went berzerk.

This is a different scale (no pun intended). I cannot imagine being that far off unless you thought the fight was in a different weight class. If he makes that big a cut just before fight time, Luigi's gonna' be feeling like a guy who was stranded on a desert island for a month.

The only sensible thing they can do now is call the fight off.