D3 Computer Help (I'm Retarded)

Okay so I'm looking to buy a new computer both to play Diablo 3 and just for general use.

I'd like help deciding between two computers or any input that may help me. I realize these machines aren't awesome or even good I just want something relatively cheap that will play D3 decently. I've narrowed it down to these two computers.

Base Features -- Price $519.99
Processor Type
AMD A8-3820
Processor Speed
Processor Cores
Hard Drive Capacity
2 TB
Hard Drive Speed (Revolutions Per Minut
Information Not Available
Optical Drive
16X Super Multi DVD+/-R/RW
Pre-loaded Operating System
Windows 7 Home Premium
Dedicated Video Memory
Shared Video Memory
TV Tuner
Video Memory

and option 2:

Base Features -- Price $599.99
Processor Type AMD Quad Core A8-3820
Processor Speed 2.5GHz
Processor Cores 4
RAM 6 GB (1 x 2 GB; 1 x 4 GB) PC3-10600 DDR3 SDRAM (Exp. To 16 GB)
Hard Drive Capacity 1 TB
Hard Drive Speed (Revolutions Per Minut 7200 RPM
Optical Drive Super Multi DVD Burner
Graphics Radeon HD 7450
Pre-loaded Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit
Dedicated Video Memory Yes
Shared Video Memory Yes - Up to 3839 MB
TV Tuner Information Not Available
Video Memory 1 GB

Main difference is graphics card vs more RAM? And the second oen has dedicated video memory which is apparently important for games?

This might seem dumb but I'm pretty clueless about this stuff. Any help is appreciated.

#2. You can always upgrade the RAM later on the cheap. D3's graphics aren't anything special so you'll be fine. Phone Post

I wouldn't waste my money on either of those builds. You will regret buying either of them.

Here is an pretty good article explaining the basics of building a pc for gaming.

those are terrible

You need to get intel and nvidia dude. Phone Post

You could build your own pc for that price that will rape both of those. Most pc's that are already built are usually shitty compared to how overpriced they are. *cough* bestbuy *cough* integrated video isn't great either, get a real video card. Phone Post

Thanks for all the advice everyone.

Seems like building a computer is the better way to go but I have no idea how to go about doing that. And by building do you mean selecting individual parts and having them assembled for me, or assembling it myself?

I've been trying to figure it out but everything is still kind of confusing and its hard to figure out if an item is worth something if you have very little idea how good it is.

Any good places to begin building a computer? I'm in Canada and the local places seem to be tiger direct and canada computers.

Is this any better? I've figured out the graphics card kind of sucks but I'd probably be able to rip that out and upgrade it to something better. Any tips on what graphics card to upgrade to? I was considering something from the GeForce GTX line of cards as there all listed as running D3 on high settings on the website and I figure another GeForce product would be compatible. Thanks again for all the help.

Processor3.3GHz 2nd Generation Intel Core i3-2120
Memory TypeDDR3
Maximum Memory Supported8GB
Hard Drive1TB SATA
Hard Drive Speed7200RPM
CD-DVD DriveSuperMulti DVD Burner
Blu-ray DriveNo
Operating SystemWindows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Ethernet LAN10/100/1000 Gigabit
Wireless LAN802.11b/g/n
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce GT 520Graphics
# of USB Slots8
Media Card Reader15-in-1
PortsHeadphone, Microphone, 2 x DVI and mini-HDMI
Other FeaturesIncludes HP Keyboard and Optical Mouse

Thanks for the help Juno Beach.

That ones actually cheaper then the other two I originally posted anyway.

Few more questions, would it be worth bothering to upgrade graphics card at this point if I'm primarily using it for D3?
Or should I just wait and upgrade whenever the need arises?

Also any insight into how easy would it be to upgrade, you mentioned I'd likely need a better power source. Are these both things that can just be swapped out? On a previous machine I owned I was interested in upgrading graphics card but couldn't as my computer didn't have the correct port or something... possibly PCI-Express?

Thanks again.