The Chicago Bears just crushed the Saints and will be in their first Superbowl in 20+ years. SUPERBOWL CHAMPS!!! Feb 4th history will be made 1 more time!!!


GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!

Rickson by armbar.

Tom Brady by vicious TKO. I don't mean to be hater but that is the best QB in NFL history and his team is rolling Indy easily. They're going to bulldoze the bears :D

That's it.  The Bears like not being given a chance.  I can't wait for all the experts to pick against the Bears again. 

We'll forget about that little game AT New England where the Pats put a blistering 17 points on the board.


so much for rolling indy.

go bears

If you wanna crown 'em, go ahead and crown their ass.

The best adam, simply the best.

Ditka vs. God?

That there would never happen and even if it did the mere thought of such a contest would tear a whole in the universe as we know it. So there for I would have to go with a tie there Bob!

Ditka is no Dungy.

Ditka is no Dungy.

Right.  Ditka is one of only 2 men (can you name the other?) who has a Super Bowl ring as a player & a coach.

Probably not...who?


And I think I was wrong - it's men who have both played & coached in a Super Bowl, not necessarily win.

Dungy has a chance to be the 3rd - but the first black one!

Ok I'm confused.

 Is its those 2 that have won it as both coach and player, or is it those 2 that have been in the SB as coach and player?

Ditka won as a player (Super Bowl VI for the Cowboys) & coach (Super Bowl XX for the Bears).

Reeves won as a player (He was on the same Cowboys team as Ditka in Super Bowl VI), not as a coach (Lost Super Bowls XXI, XXII, XXIV & XXXIII).

They are the only 2 men to both play & be head coach in a Super Bowl.

Tony Dungy is now the 3rd (played for the '78 Steelers).

It should be noted that Dan Reeves was an assistant coach for the 1977 Cowboys that beat the Denver Broncos (ironically) in the Super Bowl. So Reeves does have a Super Bowl ring as an assistant coach & player, but not as a head coach.

I'm sure there are others who have rings as players & assistant coaches, but none come to mind right away. Ron Rivera, for instance, has a chance this year.

Ok thx.