Daaaaamn! - Even Univision is Calling Out Biden - It's a Wrap

Would actually be nice if gas prices only increased 50% under him. Think its closer to 100% than 50% here in california

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Not true. Here in FL you’d be hard pressed to find a Cuban that votes democrat. I personally don’t know of a single cuban that is liberal. Latinos are leaning right now and I see that trend increasing and I think the dems do too. They are in big trouble and they know it.

The fault in the “Latino voter” premise is that we are not a monolithic bloc.
Some of us have been here for generations some have not. Some are from Mexico, Cuba, El Salvador, columbia etc. So their experiences differ wildly from one and other.

It really did unify everyone as nobody believes he killed himself


Most voters have never had an abortion or plan on having one. Not a real issue compared to the day to day stuff.

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Did you even read my post? I specifically said Cubans are not brainwashed (aka democrats).

Do you know how to read? Puedes leer ingles?

The video in the OP plays much better with a reggaeton beat behind it.

Woke shit is all about mostly imaginary first-world problems. It is powerful tool when there are no real problems. But now, we are experiencing legit third-world problems. Spiraling inflation, energy poverty, food shortages, bare shelves, open borders, and the looming specter of war with a nuclear power. Suddenly, all that woke shit doesn’t matter.

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Abortion is a luxury issue… its a key voting issue for comfortably rich people and ideologically driven youth. The average family has their head down in the shit, worrying about work and paying the bills. How can you give priority to abortion laws that have zero direct impact on your life when you’re getting brutalized at the gas station and grocery store every week?

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