Dad is ?.

Ok ?. .

I dont follow him or google him but he doxes himself all the time in his threads via screenshots from his phone convos w his parents. He is a tard.

We’re going to need you to stay in the Passive Jay thread. We’re going to need updates if he fills his car up with gas or takes a shit.

Im gonna go ahead and OG as I see fit. If ur a pussy just ignore me.

You should call Jay and see if he ordered a pizza and report back. You probably are that retard trying to stay relevant.

This Marial slander on here shall not stand. Marial is the goat


Why do you live with your parents?

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I dont know I dont have a job ?. .

I dont have a job ?. .

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There forcing me too live with them

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Dad is…coming back, buddy.Soon as he gets those smokes, he’ll be back.