Dad with a girl thinking of divorce, what will it cost him

This guy gets it.

It’s even going to be hard to hide any financial moves if he started making them right now. Family courts will find out everything in discovery, where he will have to expose all of his finances. 10 years is considered a long term marriage, and she will get half his shit and he will be paying alimony for 5 years but not forever as long as he doesn’t take a shitty deal to settle. I know guys who agreed to pay alimony forever like dumasses just to settle. Yes he can most certainly win joint custody. I was married 21 years and was awarded primary custody of my daughter. I negotiated to pay only 5 years of alimony in the divorce and my idiot ex took the deal. Remember that about anything can be negotiated but she will likely not agree to anything that fucks her over.

Again, this is why we don’t get married guys!

If I was him I do everything in my power to make that bitch get a decent job for at least a year before I filed any paperwork.

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You said that this bitch “cut him off”. If that means she’s not giving him any pussy then he needs to lawyer up today and file for divorce. What good is she if he’s not getting laid? She’s utterly fucking useless.

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This is false. Even when couples have 50/50 if it isn’t explicitly written in the decree both partners can still move without warning.

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Family Law: Imagine the most common sense “laws” and then assume the opposite of them.

50/50 does not even exist where I live. ONE parent will have controlling custody.

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50/50 refers to parenting time. There’s always a residential parent. That’s how the school the child goes to it’s determined. But it doesn’t give that parent excess control. It just means that when that parent moves the school district changes.

For 30 grand, you can farm your own kid in India.

Like I always say you have 2 choices.

  1. Divorce
  2. Murder

If this guy you speak of is a firefighter, she’s gonna get half his pension every month till the end of time as well.

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She will only get half of the community property of his pension. In this case, she will get 50% of the 10 years of pension that was accrued during the 10 years of their marriage. She will get 0% of his pension for the next 20 years and he will get 100% of those years, provided he’s not stupid enough to get remarried(which sadly, he probably is).

The fact that the marriage lasted 10 years is really fucking this guy over. 10 years is the cut off for what is considered a long term marriage.

I know a couple of firemen wives that waited until just before retirement to divorce them so the could have the highest monthly check. Some of them deserved it because they cheated.

This one wife got fiddy, the house and wanted him to mow the lawn forever too

The good news - if he has a solid job with normal business hours (9-5ish), there’s no reason he shouldn’t be able to get 50/50 custody. He needs to make sure there is a geographic restriction in his divorce agreement indicating that both parties must live within X miles of their current address. My agreement is within 30 miles of the house we owned together before the divorce. That should protect against the ex running off with the kids. She could do it but would be violating a court order and he could fight that and most likely, win.

The bad news, he is going to get fucked financially. He will be paying child support (even with 50/50 custody), alimony, he will be splitting everything he owns 50/50 at best including pension, retirement savings, liquid savings, house and/or appreciation on the value of the house since they’ve been married, etc.

Because he’s wealthy he will likely be “ok” but he should expect to lose 50% or more of his net worth and finance his ex-wife’s lifestyle for years to come.

Again, don’t get married men of the OG!

He had mentioned that he was getting half of a beach house from his parents, probably almost 2 mill for his share. He thinks she waited for that too

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Ah I see that makes sense.

Well at least he should he able to afford the best lawyer he can. Which is what I suggest he do