Dads, What do you do to bond with your kids?

don't try and bond with them by talking with them that's for girls. bond with them by doing stuff with them

Jiu jitsu, soccer, and scaring mommy.

There's the seasonal stuff too... Seasonal fruit picking at farms, festivals/fairs, town or city outdoor events.

theres tons of stuff to do with kids. Hell, just taking them to the playground regularly and playing WITH them is good enough

I have 2 kids 6 and 9. We play a lot of football outside together first we do a skills session and then we play an actual game between them at "(whatever suburb you live in) stadium" it is heaps of fun. I am both umpire and commentator and we do pretend interviews before and after the game just like they see on TV and I ask the odd goofy question which gets the laughs. Phone Post 3.0

gregbrady - don't try and bond with them by talking with them that's for girls. bond with them by doing stuff with them



please.. Just wait till he's old enough for outdoor fort building!

cyberc92 - I have a 2 sons (1 yr old and 3 yr old) that I want to leave them with really good memories of our time together before I get old and pass away lol. Do any of you have any special things you do with your kids like camping trips to certain locations, etc?

Collect big ass boxes and make an indoor fort-tunnel project..

they'll dig it

Camping, fishing, hunting. Phone Post

DeathByTriangle -

Jeff takes our just-turned-2-yr old to breakfast at the airport every weekend so they can watch airplanes and helicopters while they eat.

he also takes him to the farm to feed the animals and play in the hay

he also wrestles and horseplays... A lot

I do pretty much all of this with my two. I'm a weekend dad and spend every single weekend doing something with them. They are one and four years old. Phone Post 3.0

Teach the eldest how to ride a bike. I got two boys, taught my eldest to ride without stabilizers this summer, the day he picked it up was honestly the best day of my life, he was so happy with himself, I nearly cried I was so happy.....
That memory will last a lifetime Phone Post 3.0

I just be patient and show interest, I try to model my parenting after a combination of my dad and Homer Simpson.

Even when my two year old boy is throwing a temper tantrum and yelling in my ear and kicking me in the nuts while I pick him up ill always enjoy every minute I have with him.

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Now that my kids are older we do tons of outdoor stuff, its gets way better as they grow up. When my daugthter was 4-ish I started her on fishing, Every time we went I stopped at the store and get a kit-kat and an ice tea. (I know horrible parent) I would never mention it, just stop and grab one. That unspoken bribe was part of the fun for the kids. MacDonalds has been using that happy meal toy technique with great success for years. I haven't done the bribe for years but the kids always want to go fishing.

Good for you for wanting to spend time with your kids.

My son and I are together allot, i have coached almost every sport he played, up till this year, jr high. And no matter what is going on, asking him about something he is interested in will change his hole day. Phone Post

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When I was growing up my dad was mostly at work, yet he made up for that by doing quality things together when he was at home... He took us kids camping, taught me guitar which he is a freak at, built model planes together, watched his favourite movies, took us bush walking etc. All things he loved doing, he would do that with us which I loved. I love the fact that even though I'm a girl, I did fun "boy" things growing up with my dad and siblings and will always have those memories. I had an awesome childhood.

Even though my parents were together (and still are) it was good to be able to do all those things with just my dad while other outings/activities were with both of them or just my mum. Phone Post

FFTF_stuffadamdoes - My son is 4 and we keep getting closer because I show interest in whatever weird thing he is into, while occasionally throwing in some of my interest, in case he might like them. Kids just love to have your support. Phone Post 3.0
This guy has got it, show interest in what they like and let them see what your into incase they take an interest in that also! Other than that family shit, just spend time together not watching tv or playing any kind of computer/tablet! Phone Post 3.0

Do everything with your kids. Phone Post 3.0

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Wrastle. I practice all my finishing moves in my kid. Choke slam, the last ride, etc Phone Post 3.0

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Jiu jitsu, jump on the trampoline, play cards, play games on the x-box. More than anything, just try to get involved together doing whatever. She's 11 & a best of an athlete for her age. So hiking & the outdoors activities are par for the course. She's not mine biologically, but I've raised her the last 6+ years, so really, she's mine & treat her like she is Phone Post