Dagestani fighter presumably beating former Dagestani President's nephew to death

Animal behavior in the ring and the same on the street - another unbalanced MMA guy made a mess.

A new criminal drama with a lethal (or not) outcome, in which a mixed-style fighter is involved, unfolded in Dagestan. Recently, during the conflict, the nephew of the former head of the republic, Mukha Aliyev, was severely beaten at a coffee shop in Makhachkala.

The footage that appeared on the network shows how three young people lead an elderly man unsteadily on his feet to their car, and then the strongest of them, dressed in a black sleeveless jacket and shorts, begins to furiously strike him in the stomach and head. Despite the formidable appearance of the offender, the old man does not fall from what he took on, so the rowdy has to lay him on the asphalt and beat the recumbent.

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Due to the characteristic appearance, the attacker was quickly identified, he turned out to be Islam Vagabov - an unbalanced underachiever who disgraced himself in Top Dog FC, and before what happened was trying to build a career in the fist promotion Hardcore FC, which, as you know, is a branch of Hell on YouTube and collects under its own black banners with the emblem of the carrot all the scum of society, from former criminals to active drug addicts and outright psychopaths.

To understand “what kind of a guy he was,” just watch the first, which is also the only fight of Islam in the league.

What is the cause of the conflict is unknown, some sources talk about insulting a woman, others about extortion, others about an unpaid debt, and it’s not interesting - the investigation will sort it out.

According to one version, the victim died from the beatings, but TASS claims that he is still alive, in a coma and doctors are fighting for his life. Apparently what has leaked into the net is only the final of the beating, and the unsteady gait of the victim is a consequence of the beatings suffered earlier.

And the impudent Vagabov trivially did not cope with the “caution gene” and is already on the run, the police are looking for him. But what a wonderful person: by his 29 he learned to grow a beard, use pharmacology, beat people, and even managed to sit in a Chinese prison, not yielding in anything to his older brother Wagab, an equally useful member of society who did time for extortion and robbery, and is now fighting in Fight Nights.

“an unbalanced underachiever”

Lmao, amazing way to say “loser”.

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That dude needs a bit of the ole …

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What’s weird in the video is that while not alone against that old man, he’s the only one doing the beating. One of his “team” actually tries to stop him. So it doesn’t seem like a planned criminal act for debt or anything, just an unhinged fool.

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