Dahmer series on Netflix

Just started it. Noticed a 2001, A Space Odyssey reference in the second episode.


After his father showed him the possum.

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Sorry, last one:

In the series, Dahmer picks up a guy whose car broke down. Dahmer takes him to grandma’s house. Before he can kill the guy, grandma comes downstairs and sees them. Grandma says, in front of the guy, “Jeff, I didn’t know you had black friends.” A few minutes later, Jeff says to grandma that, if she’s so worried about the guy, she should call an ambulance. But, Jeff says, she won’t because the neighbors will see (a gay/black guy).

Problem is this never happened. There’s no evidence grandma even met the guy. Dahmer said he didn’t kill the guy because he weighed 250 lbs and he didn’t think he could dispose of him.

So they made up a story and added dialogue that makes grandma sound like a racist and/or homophobe. This wasn’t 1930 rural Alabama. It was Milwaukee in 1988, which was 30% black. Who would, upon seeing a black person in the house, immediately say, “I didn’t know you had black friends”?

It was unnecessary. They twisted the facts to involve grandma, then made her a racist.


Lol! Rabud Bunyip on point as per usual!

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It jumps around, a little bit of high school and younger too. That kid that played My Friend Dahmer did a great job as well.


Dahmer rhymes with a lot of words. I’m thinking it should be used in rap music.

I had a neighbor like that once.


Well well well

Came across this because I wanted to bring up someone mentioning a hint to Gacy in season 2


I like how they started the series. On Ep2 right now. I’m looking forward to watching the rest.

Where did you catch this? The tease was in season 2?

fuck yes

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The show is very well done but is so awkward and strange esp with the queer shit. The actor playing Dahmer def knocks it out of the park but again Im creeped the fuck out by him lol.

Gonna be rough getting through each ep.


great observation…I think they’re content to let the whites wear the “serial killer” albatross

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Like pork chops? Me too. Don’t mind the smell, I really like pork chops so my family sent me a whole bunch.

Have a seat on my shitty sofa while I mix us a drink in my Old Milwaukee t-shirt that hipsters will one day fetishize.


Then I think that is mission accomplished for the writers, directors and actors. That is what they were attempting to do here.

I’m not in the film industry but I can assume it would be very difficult to produce a “feel good” Jeffery Dahmer series that allowed normal people to remain calm and relaxed while watching.

The whole series was designed to creep us the fuck out, mission accomplished.


The floated Jeffrey Dahmer and the Unicorns in Rainbow Land but ultimately ditched it in favor of the true crime version that we got.

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Brisket trimmings i was going to use for ground beef mainly. And a couple moose roasts

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Just finished ep 2. They made the cops homophobic. All the down with whitey and acab stuff tarnishes it but I’ll keep watching.

Wasn’t sure I was going to watch another episode, but I’m about to watch episode 2 : /

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Hopkins won Best Actor Oscar for Silence of the Lambs…